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English Quiz For SBI PO Mains: Part 1

Published on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Question 1:

(A) However, critics say the scheme is too expensive and question whether the government will be able to support it.
(B) Under the National Rural Guarantee Scheme, one member from each of India’s 60 million rural households is guaranteed 100 days of work each year.
(C) They will receive a minimum wage of 60 rupees ( $1.35) or an unemployment allowance if there is no work.
(D). The first phase of the programme will cover 200 of the country’s poorest and least developed districts.

1) DCAB 
2) ACBD 
3) CDBA 

Question 2:

(A) Already the company has 25 international partners to manufacture and market a host of products ranging from bulk drugs and pharmaceuticals to skin care and cardiac therapy products.
(B) This hurry seems to take care of life after 2005 when the product patent regime came into effect.
(C). And that seems to be the panacea for growth for the Rs.235 crore Elder Pharmaceuticals.
(D). The company is busy entering into alliances as if there is no tomorrow.

1) ADCB 
2) DCBA 
3) ABDC 

Question 3:

(A) If something is done in the name of modernization, it is considered good, and if it stands in the way of modernization, it is automatically evil.
(B) Modernization, as expressed in different terms, is the prosperity of the secondary and tertiary industries.
(C). Throughout the entire world, in no matter which country, ‘modernization’ is the glorious banner under which all people gather.
(D). And since these industries are based in the cities, modernization means urbanisation.
1) BDAC 
2) ABCD 
3) CADB 

Question 4:

(A) Time is our greatest and most precious asset.
(B) However, while we are doing that, sometimes we are missing the greatest gift of all- our time to experience our lives.
(C).We often spend a great deal of time and energy thinking and worrying about, or working to earn and pursuing more money.
(D).Whether you are rich, poor, healthy, ill, or just humming along in your life somewhere in between, we all have 24 hours in each and every day to invest wisely.

1) ACDB 
2) DABC 
3) ACBD 

Question 5:

(A) Nationalists railed against the caste system and wanted to eliminate untouchability.
(B) But it was mostly a humanitarian desire to improve a lot of the low castes and to send a clear message to the agrarian high castes that this system is inconsistent with modern society.
(C).Sentiment against caste has been gathering among modern Indians for more than a hundred years.
(D).It was partly because of caste hindered economic advance.
1) ABCD 
2) DCBA 

Directions: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, Will be in one part of the sentence. If there is no error. Mark (E) i.e. no error as the answer. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).

Question 6:

(A) A dawn-to-dusk hartal called by the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) and BJP to protest against Wednesday’s./(B) alleged excessive use of force by the police on Mahija, mother of Jishnu Prannoy, /(C) an engineering college student who died alleged /(D) after being tortured by his college authorities, crippled life across Kerala on Thursday//(E) NO ERROR . 

Question 7

(A) Meanwhile, faced with scathing criticism from different quarters, including those who are sympathetic to the LDF./(B)  and the CPI(M) about repeatIng instances of police insensitivity /(C) and highhandedness, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has called meetings of police /(D) personnel at the range level to discuss the government's law and order priorities//(E) NO ERROR . 

Question 8

(A) As trouble brews and livelihoods suffer over the Supreme Court’s ban on retail liquor outlets./(B)  and bars between the National and the State highways, practical issues/(C) raised in the courtroom by the Attorney-General, the States and liquor traders about the adverse/(D) impact of a blanket ban have come alive, challenging the rationale of the court’s decision//(E) NO ERROR. 

Question 9

(A) The lawyers submitted before the court ./(B) that the States must not be put under the guillotine/(C) and effort should be made to /(D) understand the topographical peculiarities of each State//(E) NO ERROR. 

Question 10

(A) While former India captain Sourav Ganguly recently commented that DD was one of the weaker sides/ in the competition, Mishra begged to differ./(B) “I personally feel very motivated whenever someone says something like this/(C). We almost reached the playoffs last year. /(D) We have a balanced squad and will try to do better than last year.”/(E)  NO ERROR. 

Answers & Explanations

Ans 1

One can easily get the BC link since ‘they’ in C refers to the people covered under the National Rural Guarantee Scheme mentioned in B.A logically fits in as the concluding statement since it talks about the criticism and carries the thought further. Thus, we get the BCDA link.Hence ,(4).

Ans 2

DC is a clear link which exists only in option(2)and (4).A cannot be the first sentence of the paragraph. ‘That ‘in C refers to the company’s alliances. Hurry seems to be at trait associated with a company that is fast growing. A records the various products that the company markets and flows from B. So the sequence is DCBA. Hence(2)

Ans 3

C should be the opening sentence because C gives a general opinion and the spread of modernization. The other sentences follow from this hypothesis and try to validate the fact stated in C .A follows from C .The BD link is the most crucial one, with the word’ industries’ connecting the two. Thus CABD. Hence(4)

Ans 4

The paragraph talks about the importance of time in our lives.Hence, the logical flow of sentences would be ADCB i.e., firstly what is time, secondly how much time do we all have in our lives, then how do we spend most of our time and then how we miss out on the precious time by indulging in wasteful things. Hence(4)

Ans 5

A and C both seem plausible as the opening sentence. The most obvious link in the sentence is the DB link because of the quantifiers ‘partly’ and ‘mostly’.B must follow D and not the other way round because the partial reasoning should be followed by the complete reasoning. This link is present in option (3)- CADB only. Hence(3)

Ans 6

ERROR : “alleged” CORRECT: “allegedly” ( C)

Ans 7

ERROR: “repeating “ CORRECT : “repeated” (B)

Ans 8

ERROR : “ between” CORRECT: “along” (B)

Ans 9

ERROR : “and effort” CORRECT: “ and an effort” (C)

Ans 10

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