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English Quiz for SBI PO Mains: Part-2

Published on Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B),(C),(D),(E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answers the questions given below them
A) However, as the report warns, bail law reform is not the panacea for all problems of the criminal justice system. Be it overcrowded prisons or unjust incarceration of the poor, the solution lies in expediting the trial process. For, in our justice system, delay remains the primary source of injustice
B) Section 436A of the Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates that a prisoner shall be released on bail on personal bond if he or she has undergone detention of half the maximum period of imprisonment specified for that offence.

C)It gives an illustrative list of conditions that could be imposed in lieu of sureties or financial bonds. It advocates the need to impose the “least restrictive conditions”.
D)The Commission seeks to improve on a provision introduced in 2005 to grant relief to thousands of prisoners languishing without trial and to decongest India’s overcrowded prisons.
E)For those who had spent the whole period as undertrials, the period undergone may be considered for remission. In general terms, the Commission cautions the police against needless arrests and magistrates against mechanical remand orders.
F) The Law Commission recommends that those detained for an offence that would attract up to seven years’ imprisonment be released on completing one-third of that period, and those charged with offences attracting a longer jail term, after they complete half of that period.

1) Which of the following sentences should be the SECOND sentence after rearrangement? 
a) F 
b) E 
c) D 
d) A 
e) B

2) Which of the following sentences should be the FIFTH after rearrangement? 
a) B 
b) A 
c) C 
d) F 
e) D

3) Which of the following sentences should be the SIXTH(LAST) after rearrangement? 
a) E 
b) C 
c) F 
d) A 
e) B

4) Which of the following sentences should be the FOURTH after rearrangement? 
a) A 
b) D 
c) C 
d) E 
e) B

5) Which of the following sentences should be the FIRST after rearrangement? 
a) B 
b) E 
c) D 
d) A 
e) C

Directions: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, Will be in one part of the sentence. If there is no error. Mark (E) i.e. no error as the answer. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any).

6) Even by the standards of Latin America’s relatively volatility politics, (A)/ there seem to be few parallels in recent memory to the brutally authoritarian (B) / rule of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, who has plunged/ (C) a prosperous nation into complete paralysis. (D) / NO ERROR. (E)

7) But by choosing Saudi Arabia as his first overseas destination as President, Mr. Trump has signalled that his administration would retain (A) / the Washington establishment line towards West Asia.(B) / So while addressing leaders from over 50 Muslim countries in Riyadh on Sunday (C) /, he was extremely careful not to hurt the kingdom’s sensibilities (D) / NO ERROR (E).

8) Mr. Trump may be trying to kill too many birds with one stone. The Saudi-American partnership, that dates back to King Saud’s visit to Washington in 1957, (A) /has only grown in strength over the years. Barring occasional criticism, (B) / U.S. Presidents have largely overlooked allegations of rights abuses (C) / in Saudi Arabia and deepened ties in the energy and defence areas (D) / NO ERROR.(E)

9) The Aam Aadmi Party recently demonstrated what it claimed to be a possible hack of the EVM by the introduction of a trojan on to an EVM prototype; (A) / it said that, therefore, it was possible to manipulate all EVMs by the replacing of its motherboard (to accommodate a chip that carried a built-in trojan).(B) / This critique does not stand scrutiny considering the EC’s technical and administrative safeguards (C) that prevent trojans or the mass manipulation of EVMs. (D) / NO ERROR (E)

10) The African Development Bank’s decision to hold its annual general meeting in India this month is a signal of the importance (A) / African countries attach to New Delhi’s growing role in its development. (B) /It was nearly a decade ago, in 2008, that India made a serious attempt for a strategic partnership with all of Africa, (C) / instead of just the nations it traded with, in the first India-Africa Forum Summit (D) / NO ERROR (E).


The correct order after rearranging these sentences will be DBFECA

1) E

2) C

3) D

4) D

5) C

6) (A) ERROR : “ volatility ” CORRECT USAGE : “ volatile “




10) (D) ERROR : “IN “ CORRECT USAGE : “ AT “
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