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English Quiz With Explanation: Part 4

Published on Friday, May 05, 2017
Direction: select the most appropriate option, out of the five options given, which, in your view, should be grammatically and structurally correct.

Question 1:

a) As a matter of fact, these companies had been gearing in to become visa-independent even before Mr. Trump’s rise to power. 

b) In 2016, Tata Consultancy Services, another IT giant, made only about 4,000 U.S. visa applications, compared of about 14,000 a year before

c) The trend is likely to only strengthen. Not surprisingly, there is now increasing speculation that much Indian IT giants will refrain from sponsoring H-1B visas for junior engineers
d) The exact impact of Mr. Trump’s immigration stance on overseas hiring are difficult to gauge

e) Going by the numbers, the plan to hire 10,000 local employees looks significant compared to Infosys’s current foreign workforce in the U.S., which is estimated to be in the range of 20,000 to 30,000.

Question 2:

a) By launching impeachment proceedings in Parliament against Supreme Court Chief Justice Sushila Karki , the ruling coalition government in Nepal have ignited yet another crisis at an already fraught political moment — before the scheduled local polls later this month.

b) The proximate reasons for the motion of impeachment relate to the Chief Justice’s decision to set along the appointment of a police chief by the government over the issue of seniority and to recommend the elevation of another claimant

c) The two biggest parties in the coalition, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist-Centre) led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and the Nepali Congress of Sher Bahadur Deuba, have accused her off interfering with executive powers

d) However, the timing of the motion and its implications, with the judge due to retire in a month’s time, suggest a narrow-minded political strategy

e) Since the motion was signed by more than one-fourth of the members of the legislature, Justice Karki was suspended immediately under a constitutional provision that had been misused by the CPN(M-C) and the Nepali Congress

Question 3

a) Just ahead of his trip to India, his first bilateral visit since 2008 when he was Prime Minister, Mr. Erdogan chose to make comments guaranteed to strike a discordant note in New Delhi

b) Mr. Erdogan know the region well, and is aware of India’s consistent position on resolving the Kashmir dispute bilaterally.

c) That his comments come on the heels of his visit to Pakistan last year where he pledged Turkey’s support to the host’s position on Kashmir made them more pointed

d) New Delhi also made what could well be considered as a provocative gesture by inviting Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades just days before Mr. Erdogan was due, while Vice President Hamid Ansari made a previously unannounced visit of Armenia.

e) The decision on the visits related to two countries that Turkey doesn’t maintain diplomatic ties with was described by India as an “coincidence”.

Question 4:

a) It is a rejection of the attempt to explain the delay on the ground that a parliamentary standing committee’s report on proposed amendments is still underway consideration

b) The government was on weak legal footing when it claimed it was awaiting the passage of these amendments, mainly of one that related to the leader of the largest party in opposition in the Lok Sabha being considered as the Leader of the Opposition for the purposes of forming the Selection Committee to choose the Lokpal

c) The selection panel consists of the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha , Leader of the Opposition, the Chief Justice of India or his nominee, and an eminent jurist chosen buy them

d) It has made it clear that the fact that some amendments have been proposed and a parliamentary panel has submitted a report would not constituted a legal bar on enforcing the existing law.

e) There is no law, except a direction from the chair when G.V. Mavalankar was Speaker, that says recognition is given only to a party that have won 10% of the seats in the Lower House.

Question 5:

a) Provisions relating to the selection of the Chief Information Commissioner and the Central Bureau of Investigation Director have been amended to treat the leader of the largest opposition party as the Leader of the Opposition from the absence of anyone recognized as such.

b) An inescapable inference is that the country does not have an anti-corruption ombudsman not due to any legal bar, but due too the absence of political will.

c) As per of the agreement the debt of the company has been restructured therefore the situation has improved. I can not reveal any numbers because now we are in a silent period.

d) Though it was clarified at the time of the acquisition that M&M will have little or no role to play other then being financial investor, Dr Pawan Goenka, MD, M&M has on several occasions mentioned that Pininfarina would design a vehicle for M&M. What has changed since then?

e) Your India business was 9% of your revenue at the time of acquisition China’s contribution was 6.5% and Europe 65%. What was the scenario now?

Directions: In each of the following questions, choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom in bold:

Question 6:

A jaundiced eye
(a) jealously 
(b) a generous view
(c) angry 
(d) prejudice

Question 7:

To rip up old sores
(a) to revive a quarrel which was almost forgotten
(b) to censure someone in strong terms
(c) to strain one’s thoughts to the most
(d) to preserve oneself from harm

Question 8:

A square peg in a round hole
(a) An impossible task
(b)A scheme that never works
(c) A person unsuited to the position he fills
(d) none of these

Question 9:

To carry off the bell
(a) to call others for help
(b) to bag the first position
(c) to steal all wealth and flee
(d) to trouble others

Question 10:

To keep the wolf away from the door
(a) to keep away from extreme poverty
(b) to keep off an unwanted and undesirable person
(c) to keep alive
(d) to hold the difficulties and dangers in check

Solutions & Answers

Ans 1

(a) “ GEARING IN “is wrong , correct usage is “GEARING UP” - to prepare yourself
(b) Wrong: “ compared of “ correct : “compared to “
(c) Wrong: “ much “ correct : “many”
(d) Wrong: “are” correct “is”

Ans 2

(a) Wrong: “have” correct: “has”
(b) Wrong: “ set along “ correct: “set aside”
(c)wrong: “ off “ correct: “ of”
(e)Wrong: “had “ correct: “has”

Ans 3

(b) Wrong: “ know “ correct:” knows”
(c ) Wrong: “come “ correct: “ came”
(d) Wrong: “of” correct: “ to “
(e)wrong : “ an “ correct: “ a”

Ans 4

(a)  wrong: “ underway” correct:” under”
(c) Wrong: “buy” correct:”by”
(d)wrong:” constituted “ correct: “ constitute”
(e)Wrong: “ have” correct: “has”

Ans 5

(a) wrong: “from “ correct : “in “
(b) wrong: “ too “ correct: “to”
(d) Wrong: “then “ correct: “ than “
(e) Wrong: “ was” correct: “ is”

Ans 6

(a) A prejudiced view

Ans 7

(a) to revive a quarrel which was almost forgotten

Ans 8

(c ) A misfit, especially a person unsuited for a position or activity. For example, Ruth doesn't have the finesse for this job; she's a round peg in a square hole.

Ans 9

(b) (c) to steal all wealth and flee or  to have or to gain the first place


(a) to keep away from extreme poverty/ to maintain oneself at a minimal level

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