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Error Spotting Quiz From The Hindu: Part 11

Published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Directions: In the following exercise, each sentence is divided into four part. A part of the sentence may have an error. Find the part of the sentence that contains and error. If the sentence has no error. Mark your answer as (E). 

1. (A) The RajyaSabha member documents how Mrs. Gandhi/(B) was the only head of government, other but the host prime minister,/(C) to speak at the first ever united nations/(D) conference on the human environment in Stockholm in June 1972./(E)  no error.

2. (A) She was not only responsible for the tiger conservation programme –Project Tiger-/(B) but also for less high-profile initiatives for /(C) the protection of crocodiles, lions, deer, Bustards,/(D) cranes, hanguls, flamingos and other endangered species./(E)  no error.

3. (A) Mr. Sharma used his political authority to /(B) protect ecologically sensitive areas such that/(C) the Andaman and Nicobar islands, the entire northeast/(D) and the rain forests of the Western Ghats /(E)  no error.

4. (A) Although he promised/(B) a full-fledged interview,/(C) he could be /(D) contacted subsequently./(E)  no error.

5. (A) Most hospitals have a link/(B) between room rate to all the other /(C) medical expenses, including/(D) doctor’s fees and medical tests./(E)  no error.

6. (A) There is also a way to avoid/(B) paying twice for health insurance/(C) for the same period while/(D) travelling outside the country./(E)  no error.

7. (A) If he had retired in 2003 after laying /(B) foundation stone then probably/(C) the Board President XI-Pakistan/(D) match would not materialise in 2005./(E)  no error.

8. (A) However, the Ministry did not respond/(B) to the possibility of a “new offer” of data sharing/(C) under annual meetings//(D) between India and the U.S. officials./(E)  no error.

9. (A) I can say that the alliance/(B) happened because we both/(C) are not young leaders who want to /(D) take Uttar Pradesh forward /(E)  no error.

10. (A) It will be very early to say/(B) because currently, we/(C) are only working on this/(D)Assembly polls /(E)  no error.

Answers with Solutions

1. Ans. B. 
"Other than" instead of "other but"
(The only auxiliary verb that can follow "other" is "than")

2. Ans. A. 
Use not only after responsible
(Because not only/but also always use with the uncommon part of a sentence and here the uncommon part is tiger conservation programme and less high profile initiatives)

3. Ans. B.
Use as instead of that
(Such as can be used with a noun to introduce examples.) 

4. Ans. C. 
He could not be contacted in the place of could be contacted
(Because although always takes negative sense with it)

5. Ans. B.
And instead of to
(Because between always take and with it) 

6. Ans. E.
No error 

7. Ans. D. 
Would not have materalisedinstead of would not materlise
(Because we have had+v3rd form with if so we need to use would have +v3rd form in result)

8. Ans. E.
No error 

9.  Ans. C.
Remove not
(Because a sentence with both always should be positive) 

10. Ans. A.
Too instead of very
(Because we can’t use very in a sentence that has negative sense in it)

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