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Error Spotting Quiz From The Hindu: Part 8

Published on Monday, May 15, 2017
Directions: In the questions below, some parts of the sentences have errors and some are correct. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and mark that as your answer. If a sentence is free from error, choose the “No Error” option

1. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Tuesday pulled over /(A) the Delhi government for not exploring alternative sites to Jantar Mantar/(B) for allowing protests after a plea alleged that /(C) massive noise pollution was caused due to the frequent agitations./(D) no error./(E)

2. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval  /(A) was present in the meeting with/(B) JUH leaders, including its,/(C) general secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani./(D) no error./(E)

3. “Since the incidents of contempt include public statements /(A) made by Justice C.S. Karnan, which are being published by the electronic and print media,/(B) we are of the view that no farther statements made,/(C) by him should be published hereinafter,” the Bench ordered./(D) no error/(E)

4. The so-called de-escalation agreement has reached among Russia, /(A) Turkey and Iran last week in Astana/(B) is the latest in a series of attempts to bring,/(C) the six-year-old Syrian civil war to an end/(D) no error./(E)

5. The existing systems of science governance /(A) in this country are robust with/(B) departments reporting to ministers ,/(C) which in turn report to the Union Cabinet./(D) no error/(E)

6. In a phase when right-wing forces are on the ascendant in India, /(A) United States and in certain European countries/(B) the victory of Emmanuel Macron, a former socialist, in France comes as relief,/(C) to the liberal forces which espouse values of tolerance and multiculturalism./(D) no error./(E)

7. The Siddaramaiah regime in Karnataka is pushing towards a political polarisation of social constituencies /(A) which, while subjecting a well-tried-out strategy/(B) in the State to test, is like to have wider ramifications,/(C) for the future direction of the Congress party elsewhere/(D) no error/(E)

8. After Urs, many a leaders in the State /(A) have invoked his legacy but had little of/(B) his adroitness to mount a distinct conception,/(C) of social justice in practice./(D) no error./(E)

9. Such disposition and policy measures have enormously /(A) increase the presence of vulnerable groups in the public domain /(B) that often finds expression in highly,/(C) variegated but localised social assertions and movements./(D) no error./(E)

10. He unexpectedly mobilised Mr. Hollande’s former electoral base /(A) achieving some of his best scores in the outgoing President’s fiefdoms — and/(B) he benefited from massive vote transfers from far left,/(C) moderate left and right-wing voters./(D) no error/(E)

Answers & Explanation

1. Ans. A.

Up instead of over
(Because pull up means: stop
Pull over means: move something into another direction)

2. Ans. B.

At instead of in
(Because here we are not talking about inside position so we have to use at)

3. Ans. C.

Further instead of farther
(Because farther mean: to a great distance or
Further means: after it)

4. Ans. A.

Remove has
(Because we can’t use has/have with any past word)

5. Ans. D.

Who instead of which
(Because which is used for non-living things and who for the living and here the subject is Ministers)

6. Ans. B.

Add the before united states
(united states takes the before it because In North America, 13 colonies united to form a nation. So they called themselves “the United States of America”.)

7. Ans. C.

Likely instead of like
(Because likely is use to say that something will probably happen
Like is use for to enjoy or approve of something or someone)

8. Ans. A.

Remove a before leaders
(Because many is used for plural noun and many a/an used for singular noun)

9. Ans. B.

Increased instead of increase
(Because have +v3rd form)

10. Ans. E.

No error

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