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Error Spotting Quiz From The Hindu: Part 10

Published on Thursday, May 25, 2017
Directions: In the following exercise, each sentence is divided into four part. A part of the sentence may have an error. Find the part of the sentence that contains and error. If the sentence has no error. Mark your answer as (E). 

1. (A)/ Mr. Narayanan Nambiar redefined the role and methodology /(B) of ‘mizhavu’ from being a mere accompaniment to the Sanskrit drama form/(C) of ‘koodiyattam’ by providing a more unique rhythm to the actors/(D) on stage, apart from perfecting a highly lyrical style./(E) no error.

2. (A)/ After a scramble against time to clean up Bellandur lake/(B) over the past month, various civic agencies/(C) will plead for more time as the critical National Green Tribunal (NGT)/(D) hearing gets under way on Thursday.//(E) no error.

3. (A)/ A laptop belonging to a /(B) computer science lecturer in Shivamogga/(C) has been found to be effected//(D) with WannaCry, a ransomware bug.//(E) no error.

4. (A)/ The approval also shows our strong belief /(B) in the capability of India’s scientific community/(C)) to built our technological/(D) capacities,” an official statement said./(E) no error.

5. (A)/ The double murder led to huge anger among the traders,/(B)who heckled district BJP president Tejveer Singh and Suryakant Sharma,/(C) the brethren of cabinet minister Shrikant Sharma,/(D) when they went to attend the funeral.//(E) no error.

6. (A)/ The Centre was reconsidering his strategy on future /(B) equity infusions into the national carrier and/(C) a decision would be taken based on recommendations/(D) given by the NITI Aayog, a top Air India official said./(E) no error.

7. (A)/ “If you yourself say this [instant triple talaq] is the worst form of divorce and sinful,/(B) how do it then become essential to religion,/(C)” Justice Rohinton Nariman asked senior advocate/(D) V. Giri, representing the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind./(E) no error.

8. (A)/ The decision on India’s request will be delivered /(B) at 12 p.m. local time in a public sitting at /(C) the Peace Palace in The Hague,/(D) the U.N.’s principle judicial organ, also known as the ‘World Court’./(E) no error.
9. (A)/  The decision will be read by the President of the ICJ,/(B) Ronny Abraham, who was one of the 11 ICJ judge /(C) who heard the arguments put forward/(D) by the Indian and Pakistani delegations./(E) no error.

10. (A)/ “We are beginning initial production of a small number of /(B) iPhone SE in Bengaluru. iPhone SE was the most popular and powerful phone/(C) with a four-inch display in the world and we’ll begin /(D) shipping to domestic customers this month,” Apple said in Bengaluru./(E) no error

Answers with Solutions

1. Ans. C.

Remove more before unique
(Because unique, chief and perfect never take more before them)

2. Ans. E.

No error

3. Ans. C.

Affected instead of effected
(Because effect: noun
Affect: verb)

4. Ans. C.

Build instead of built
(Because to always takes verb1st form)

5. Ans. C.

Brother instead of brethren
(Because brethren is used for business relation and for blood relation we use brother)

6. Ans. A.

Its instead of his
(Because centre is not a person)

7. Ans. B.

Does instead of do
(Because it is a singular pronoun)

8. Ans. D.

Principal instead of principle
(Because principal means: head or chief
Principle means: a basic truth or law)

9. Ans. B.

Judges instead of judge
(Because one of the always takes plural noun)

10. Ans. B.

Is instead of was
(Because the company is not talking about past)

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