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Learn Important Prepositions With Examples

Published on Monday, May 08, 2017

1. Preposition of time 

I. At 

With a definite point of time. 
Example: at 5 o’clock 

With festivals. 
Example: at Holi 

II. In

With parts of the day, months, seasons and years. 
Example: in the afternoon 

III. On 

With days and dates 
Example: On Monday, on the first day of June 

IV. By 

Refers to the latest time at which an action will be over. 
The examination will be over by 5 p.m. 

V. For 

Period of time 
Example: For three years 

VI. Since 

Point of time 
Example: Since last Tuesday, since 1980 

VII. From 

Refers starting point of action 
This water came from a spring. She came from USA. 

2. Preposition of position 

I. At 

To an exact point 
The tourist stays at the Tourist Hotel. He studied at Oxford. 

II. In 

Refers to larger areas 
He lives in Bombay 

III. Amongst 

It is used with more than two persons or things but the word which starts with a vowel letter. 
Divide the sweets amongst us. 

IV. Above 

It is used for higher than but for non-vertical position 
The sun rose above the horizon. The sky is above our head. 

V. Over 

It is used for vertically above position. Sometimes, it is used when something crosses over something. 
The plane flew over my head. The cloud is over our head. The bathroom is over the kitchen. 

VI. Below 

For lower than but for non-vertical position 
When the sun sets it goes below the horizon. Your work is below the average. 

VII. Under 

For vertically below 
It is shady under the trees. 

VIII. Beneath 

Means lower position 
The ground was slippery beneath her. 

3. Preposition of Direction 

I. To 

It is used to express motion from one place to another. 
We walked to the river and back. 

II. Towards 

Refers to direction 
He saw me running towards him. 

III. Into 

Refers to motion towards the inside of something i.e. entry from outside to inside. 
He jumped into the well. She fell into a ditch. 

IV. In 

It is used for the static condition. It is used when something already inside something. 
A boy is in the room. A student is running in the room. Ram is in the river. 

V. At 

Refers to aim 
He aimed at the bird. 

VI. Against

It shows pressure 
He leaned against a tree. She cleaned the edge of her knife against the plate. 

VII. Off 

Refers to separation 
He was wiping sweat off his face. Kim fell off his chair in a swoon. 

VIII. Across 

Means one side 
She ran across the field. 

IX. Beyond 

Means on the farther side of. 
This is beyond his power. 

X. Beside 

Means by the side of 
I sat down beside my wife. 

XI. Besides 

Means in addition to 
He is guilty of five killings and more besides. 
Besides being a teacher, he is a skilled trainer. 

4. Miscellaneous preposition 

I. In/At 

In is used for smaller area while “at” is used for larger area. 
I live at Lakshmi Nagar. I live in Delhi. 

In case of floor, we use “on” 
I live on the fifth floor. 

II. Agree 

Agree with, for person 
He agrees with you. 

Agree to, for thing 
The boys agreed to do what I asked. 
Agree upon, for a policy discussion 

III. Quarrel 

Quarrel with, for person 
I quarrel with my sisters for sweets. 

Quarrel over, for thing 
Sister hangs self after a fight over TV remote. 

IV. In/Inside (Boundary related), Out/Outside (Boundary related) 

  • She is in the room. 
  • She is inside the cupboard. 
  • She is out of the room. 
  • She is outside the cupboard. 

V. On/Upon 

When something is already on something then use “on” and when something comes on something in motion then use “upon” 
 The boys are on the table. The dog jumped upon the table. 

VI. Entrust 

Entrust with, for thing 
Entrust a person with a thing. 

Entrust to, for person 
I entrust to you with my valuables. 
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