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Phrase Replacement Practice Set: Part 1

Published on Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Direction: In the following sentences, a part is bold and underlined. You have to choose which phrase given in options should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct. Mark (E) as your answer if no correction is required

1. Six top U.S. intelligence officials told Congress on Thursday they agree to the conclusion that Russia acted to influence last year's election, countering President Donald Trump’s assertions that the hacking remains an open question.
A. Agree for
B. Agree with
C. Agree on
D. Agree
E. No correction required

2. “Look here, one of the eight diesel alternators, each generating 3 MW power, have already been set to work,” says a Navy officer part of WOT, signalling to a large machine room on the carrier.
A. Has already been set
B. Have already set
C. Had already set
D. Had already been set
E. No correction required

3. “Our aim is to build a strong, infallible case and these meetings will resolve issues on the table.
A. Will have resolve issues on
B. will resolve issues at
C. will have resolve issues at
D. will resolve issues across
E. no correction required

4. The number of Japanese companies in India in October 2014 were 1,156 and by October 2015 it was 1,229, an increase of 6%, much lower than the needed growth to achieve the target.
A. in October 2014 was
B. in October 2014 has
C. in October 2014 have
D. in October 2014 are
E. no correction required

5. Unless it is not conceded that it is difficult to blame the court for its approach in the face of a social outcry, it is not possible to confront the consequences of two factors that stand out whenever the death penalty is awarded: the apparent inconsistency in applying the ‘rarest of rare cases’ rule and the lack of restraint that the ‘collective conscience’ theory can engender.
A. It was not conceded
B. It has conceded
C. It is conceded
D. It has not concede
E. It had not concede
6. There is a little doubt that the national outcry that the gruesome incident evoked is at the heart of the ultimate outcome, as the defence lawyers and amicus curiae appointed by the court argued in vain for separate assessment of the mitigating factors in respect of each individual convict rather than a common set of reasons.
A. A few
B. Little
C. Few
D. The few
E. No correction required

7. This factor may have increased the burden of expectation on the court, rendering it even more difficult than it was to award a lesser sentence to some of the four available for trial and sentencing after the suicide of Ram Singh, the apparent ringleader, while in prison.
A. Some of the fourth
B. Any of four
C. Some of four
D. Any of the four
E. No correction required

8. Donald Trump and FBI director James Comey have been on a collision course since last year when U.S. intelligence concluded that Russia tried to interfere in the November presidential election.
A. had been on a collision
B. have been over a collision
C. have been at a collision
D. has been on a collision
E. No correction required

9. Referring to one of his earlier orders, he directed the eight to “surrender its respective passports” to the “Commissioner of Police or any other police officer attached to the head of the department of the New Delhi Police.”
A. surrender his respective
B. surrender there respective
C. surrender it’s respective
D. surrender their respective
E. no correction required

10. Hundreds of workman nudging the ferrous giant, India’s maiden indigenous aircraft carrier INS Vikrant, to life in the last leg of a protracted and intricate process of warship construction of unprecedented scale in the country, resemble Lilliputians with a sense of steely purpose.
A. Hundred of workmans
B. Hundreds of workmans
C. Hundreds of workmen
D. Hundread of workmen
E. No correction required

Answers & Explanation

1. Ans. B.
(Because When you agree with someone/something, it means you accept the point of someone/something. Agree to: to accept something) 

2. Ans. A.
(Because Each is always singular and requires a singular verb.)

3. Ans. D.
(Because Across means on the other side of something)

4. Ans. A. 
(Because the expression the number is followed by a singular verb while the expression a number is followed by a plural verb.)

5. Ans. C. 
(Because not is included in unless and until)

6. Ans. B. 
(Because Little: almost nothing)

7. Ans. D. 
(Because: We use any with of before articles (a/an, the) and to refer to a part of a whole)

8. Ans. E. 
No. error

9. Ans. D. 
(Because here the sentence about eight judges)

Ans. C.
(Because hundreds of mean it can be any number from 100 – 999  And men is the plural form of man) 
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