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20 Most Misspelt Words of English

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

1. Accommodate- 

Word is large enough to accommodate both with double 'c' and 'm'.

2. Argument- 

Let's not argue about the loss of this verb's silent 'e' , before suffix -ment.

3. Committed- 

If anyone is commited to correct spelling, He/She will remember that this doubles its final 't' from"commit" to "committed".

4. Consensus- 

The Census does not require a consensus, since they are not related.

5. Definitely- 

The word definitely sounds as though it ends only on- it, but it carries silent 'e' where ever it goes.

6. Embarrass- 

This word won't embarrass if you remember large enough for double 'r' and 's'.

7. Existence- 

This one is spelled with an 'a' is in existence. This word is a menage a quatre of one 'i' with three 'e'.

8. Harass- 

This word is too small for two double letters but don't let it harass youself, just keep the'r's down to one.


Don't show the ignorance by spelling the word -ence.

10. Independent- 

Please be independent but not in spelling of this word. It end on -ent.

11. Library- 

It is as compariable as to spell berry patch but that isn't the way it is spelled. The first 'r' should be announced.

12. License- 

Where does the english gets the license to use both its letter for the sound 's' in one word?

13. Maintenance- 

The main tenants of this word are "main" and "tenance".

14. Questionnaire- 

Double up on the 'n' s in this word and don't forget the silent 'e'.

15. Relevant- 

The relevant factor here is that word is not "revelant", "revelent", or even "relevent". "L" before "e" and the suffix-ant.

16. Schedule- 

If perfecting your spelling on schedule, remember the "sk" is spelled as in "school".

17. Their/They're/There- 

All are pronounced the same but spelled differently. Possessive is 'their' and the contraction of 'they are ' is "they're". Everywhere else, it is 'there'.

18. Until- 

I will never stop sharping until this word is spelled with an extra 'L' for the last time.

19. Weather- 

Whether you like the weather or not, must write the 'a' after the 'e' when you spell it.

20. Weird- 

This word is an exception to the rule about 'i' before 'e' except after.
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