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5 Easy Steps to Solve Cloze Test/Double Fillers

Published on Friday, June 09, 2017

Cloze is most important part of English section, if it is solved correctly can help to score good as well it’s a time saver in comparison of comprehension.
Cloze test is the passage with certain word missing out; double blank is more complex form of cloze.
The five steps to solve the cloze test can be summed up as "RISER"

Step 1:- R - Read the passage

Read the whole passage carefully avoid any assumptions while reading the passage understand the general idea behind the passage before filling up the option to avoid the mistakes in cloze.

Step 2:- I – Identify the tone

Every passage has its tone and style (narrative, critical, humor, descriptive) understand the flow of the passage to choose the best fit. This step will help in choosing the suitable part of speech, to avoid the grammatical mistakes.

Step3:- S – Sentence linking

The sentences must be linked together with the part of speech best fit in blanks. Generally a noun, an article, verbs are used to connect the sentences with correct tenses and forms.

Step 4:- E – Eliminate from the options

Although the given options are usually very close to each other but with good command over vocabulary the most suitable option can be selected and rest of the options can be eliminated, going through the options can be a time saver too.

Step 5:- R – Review the passage

After filling up with the suitable option you must review the passage with the blanks filled to ensure the right flow of the passage in terms of tone and grammar.


Direction (1-10): Read the following passage and fill the blanks with the suitable word from the given options.

Today it is _________1____ that recognized this era will be driven by knowledge. To ________2____ the challenges of this century, India needs to usher in a knowledge revolution that ______3_____ to bring about systematic changes in the education.
While our economy has made significant strides, the education has not kept ________4_____ with the aspiration of the youth. The vast disparity in the country today is a result of skewed __________5______ to knowledge. To address this we need substantial expansion in educational opportunities, with a special ________6_______ on inclusion of underprivileged.
At the bottom of the pyramid steps must be taken to ________7________ access to quality education. While the government has taken steps to ensure education to all, where it lacks in its efforts is the quality perspective. Being a spirally upward drive, education cannot be _____8______ to improve at the higher level. It improves at the very grass root level. The top of the pyramid- that is the higher education is also uneven. Students struggle to compete in the exam which ______9_______ a sound knowledge of English. While candidates are expected to travel several kilometers to reach school to obtain education, the higher education institutes often ___________10__________ candidates from vernacular media through state sponsored exams and proudly affirm them as unbiased.

1. Fill in the blank 1.
(a) Thickly
(b) Widely
(c) Ample
(d) Partly
(e) Considered

2. Fill in the blank 2.
(a) Adhere to
(b) Gather
(C) Cover
(d) Contact
(e) Meet

3. Fill in the blank 3.
(a) Sought
(b) Wanted
(c) Seeks
(d) Attempt
(e) Determined

4. Fill in the blank 4.
(a) Adequate
(b) Sufficient
(c ) Influence
(d) Pace
(e) Ahead

5. Fill in the blank 5.
(a) Access
(b) Approaching
(c ) Rights
(d) Infiltration
(e) Excess

6. Fill in the blank 6.
(a) Aspiration
(b) Intensity
(c ) Important
(d) Place
(e) Emphasis

7. Fill in the blank 7.
(a) Enjoy
(c ) Provide
(d) Diminish
(e) Deepen

8. Fill in the blank 8.
(a) Awaited
(b) Judged
(c) Thought
(d) Expected
(e) Said

9. Fill in the blank 9.
(a) Demand
(b) Has
(c )Consume
(d) Expects
(e) Wants

10. Fill in the blank 10.
(a) Discourages
(b) Disobey
(c ) Contest
(d) Assume
(e) Reject
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