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Blood Relation Quiz With Solution For IBPS PO: Part 3

Published on Wednesday, June 21, 2017


  • A$B means A is sister of B
  • A@B means A is father of B
  • A>B means A is wife of B
  • A<B means A is son of B
  • A=B means A is mother of B

1. Which of the following expressions means ‘P’ is daughter of ‘S’?
a) P<Q>S@R
b) S=Q>P<R
c) S>R@P$Q
d) P@S>R<Q
e) R@Q$S=P

2. How is ‘Q’ related to ‘R’? 
a) Mother
b) Son
c) Father
d) Father in law
e) Mother in law

3. How is ‘T’ related to ‘V’? 
a) Uncle 
b) Aunt
c) Cousin sister
d) son
e) C.N.D.

4. M is the son of Q. N, M’s sister has a daughter R and a son E. Y is maternal aunt of R. 
How is Y related to N? If N has only one brother. 
a) Brother in law 
b) Sister
c) Mother
d) Sister in law
e) Aunt

5. P is son Q. Q is mother of V. V is sister of U. U is father of X. Y is daughter of P. V is wife of N. 
How is ‘Y’ related to ‘x’? 
a) Sister
b) Brother
c) Cousin sister
d) Aunt
e) Mother

Answers With Solution:

1. Ans. C. 


2. Ans. E. 


3. Ans. E. 


4. Ans. D. 


5. Ans. C. 


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