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Coding-Decoding Questions With Solutions: Part 4

Published on Monday, June 19, 2017

Directions (Q1-5): In each of the following questions, there is a group of letters followed by four combinations of digits/symbols (A), (B), (C) and (D). You have to find out which of the combinations correctly represents the group of letters based on the following digits/symbol coding system and the conditions those follow and mark the number of that combination as the answer. If none of the combinations is correctly represents the group of letters then mark (E).

Letter: L H U B E P N A K I R S T M V
Digits/Symbols: 5 < 4 # @ 3 * ^ 8 % 9 ! ~ 1 $


i) If the first letter is a vowel and the last letter is a consonant, then the codes are to be interchanged.
ii) If both the first and the last letters are vowels, then both are to be coded as the code for the last letter
iii) If any word has more than two vowels, then all vowels are coded to be as the code for I.

A. 4*9#$
B. $*9#$
C. $*9#4
D. $*4#9
E. None of these.

A. %15!8^
B. !1^58%
C. 1#!568
D. !1^5%8
E. None of these

A. ^5#34^
B. 1#543^
C. ^1#534
D. 41#534
E. None of these

A. 9*#%15
B. 8%*%<%
C. @*%$56
D. %^85@1
E. None of these

A. $5&58^
B. $5&^85
C. @1853$
D. 3185$@
E. None of these

Answers With Solution:

1. Ans. C.
UNRBV - $*9#4 (Condition i)

2. Ans. B.
SMALKI - !1^58%

3. Ans. D.
AMBLPU - 41#534 (Condition ii)

4. Ans. B.
KINAHE - 8%*%<% (Condition iii)

5. Ans. D.
EMKLVP - 3185$@ (Condition i)
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