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Error Detection Practice Set: Part 10

Published on Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Direction: Select the most appropriate option, out of the five options given, which, in your view, should be grammatically and structurally correct

Question 1:

a) The Tamil Nadu government has quietly initiated the process of confiscating properties attached in the disproportionate assets (DA) case against former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and three others in compliance with the trial court order that was uphold by the Supreme Court in February.
b) The lands located in the six districts were worth several hundred of crores of rupees, DVAC sources said on Monday
c) The purchase price, equivalent to the guideline value prevailing almost 20 years ago, are very less compared to the current market price,”
d) After identifying and marking the lands, revenue officials would put up boards indicating that the land belongs to the Tamil Nadu government and also write to the registration authorities not to entertain any transaction on the properties that were earlier attached by a Government Order in the wealth case.

Question 2:

a) The Paris climate agreement gives undue advantage to India and China at the cost of U.S interests, President Donald Trump said on Thursday, announcing America’s withdrawal from the pact.
b) “China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants. So we can’t built the plants, but they can, according to this agreement. India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020.
c) According to Mr. Trump, the Paris agreement would lead to a redistributing of American wealth to other countries and transfer of American jobs abroad.
d) Reiterated his campaign theme that America is being taken for a ride by all its partners, friends and foes, Mr. Trump said he would turn that around.

Question 3:

a) Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria on Thursday said irrespective of ICJ’s stay, Commander Jadhav would remain live, until he exhausts the right to request for clemency, initially with the COAS and later with President of Pakistan.
b) He also accused the Indian media of misleading people at the behest of official quarters.
c) ‘The Fact Sheet I present today is to address certain misrepresentations/false statements/allegations made in the Indian media following the provisional measures order of the ICJ on 18 May 2017.’
d) The spokesman claimed that in three previous precedents in the ICJ, the request for release or acquittal were not granted by the Court. “

Question 4:

a) Last year’s growth figure for the same quarter were revised upwards after factoring in the revised indices for wholesale prices and industrial production.
b) Manufacturing growth slowed to 5.3% in the fourth quarter from 8.2% in the third. Excluding agriculture and public expenditure, core GVA grew by 3.8% in the fourth quarter, underscoring the need to drive investments to boost growth.
c) The World Bank’s latest ‘India Economic Update’ reports attributes the weakness in private investment to local and global excess capacity and leveraged corporate balance sheets.
d) The June 8 election pit Ms. May, the Conservative Party leader who opposed Brexit before the referendum last June but now favours it, against Mr. Corbyn, who has alienated many long-time Labour supporters with his hard-left views.

Question 5:

a) French President Emmanuel Macron met Russia's Vladimir Putin near Paris on Monday, promising some frank talking with the Kremlin leader after an election campaign in which his team accused Russian media of trying for interfere.
b) Fresh from talks with his Western counterparts at a NATO meeting at Brussels and a G7 summit in Sicily, Mr. Macron was hosting the Russian President at the sumptuous 17th Century palace of Versailles about 20 km outside Paris.
c) The 39-year-old French leader and Mr. Putin exchanged a cordial, businesslike handshake and smiles when the latter stepped from his limousine for a red carpet welcome, with Macron appearing to say “welcome” to him in French.
d) The two men than entered the palace to start their talks.


1) d

a) ERROR : “ uphold “ CORRECT USAGE : “ upheld”
b) ERROR : “hundred” CORRECT USAGE : “hundreds”
c) ERROR : “are” CORRECT USAGE : “ is “
SENTENCE ( D ) is the right choice

2) a

(b) ERROR : “ built “ CORRECT USAGE : “ build “
(c) ERROR : “redistributing” CORRECT USAGE : “redistribution “
(d) ERROR : “Reiterated” CORRECT USAGE : “Reiterating “
SENTENCE (A) is the correct answer .

3) c

(a) ERROR : “live “ CORRECT USAGE : “alive” is the actual word
(b) ERROR : “at” CORRECT USAGE : “ on “
(d) ERROR : “were” CORRECT USAGE :”was”
SENTENCE ( C) is the correct answer

4) b

(a)ERROR : “figure” CORRECT USAGE : “ figures”
(c) ERROR : “reports” CORRECT USAGE : “report”
(d)ERROR : “pit” CORRECT USAGE :”pits”
SENTENCE (B) is the correct answer

5) c

(a) ERROR : “for interfere ” CORRECT USAGE : “ to interfere”
(b)ERROR : “at Brussels “ CORRECT USAGE : “ in Brussels”
(d) ERROR : “than” CORRECT USAGE : “then”
SENTENCE ( C ) is in the right form !!

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