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Error Spotting For IBPS PO: Part- 1

Published on Friday, June 16, 2017
Read following sentences and tell in which part there is an error:

1. There is an uncanny similarity of argument/(A) between the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)/(B) as well as the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB)/(C) on controversies that have to do with belief./(D)no error./(E)

2. There is no reason that the nuclear community/(A) cannot rise to the occasion and emulate the/(B) successes of the space industry which also(C) has had to face protracted spells of international non-cooperation./(D)no error./(E)

3. An elected President in Iran /(A)commands less power than his or her/(B) counterparts in other countries./(C)no error./(D)

4. In most films, they are just pretty faces and pretty bodies/(A) seen beside heroes as they sing, dance,/(B) fight and kill in superabundant displays of machismo,/(C) or as archetypal mothers whose lot it is to pine for their men and children./(D)no error./(E)

5. The Russian movie, by the Leviathan filmmaker, is a /(A)stark and severe human document — in the barren landscape it paints,/(B) the desolate whether it evokes and the bleak story it /(C)tells largely through uneasy silences or plaintive, brooding music./(D)no error./(E)

6. The Resistance’s struggle against Nazi occupation in World War II/(A) is well-documented in France but much less is/(B) known about thousands of its members forced to work in Nazi Germany/(C) on Hitler’s secret weapon: the V2 rockets he hoped would bring Britain to its knees./(D)no error/(E)

7. At the Dora memorial site itself,/(A) the French research is also waited /(B)“with immense interest”, said Regina Heubaum,/(C) one of those working there./(D)no error./(E)

8. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council on/(A) Friday finalised tax rates for all services,/(B) expect lottery, under the new indirect tax/(C) regime to be rolled out from July 1./(D)no error/(E)

9. Stung by a series of scam charges and Income Tax raids against/(A) his family members, Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad on Friday/(B) declared that he would uproot the Narendra Modi government/(C) in the Centre “before it completes its five-year term.”/(D)no error./(E)

10. Zvyagintsev puts the relationship in the larger context of the times,/(A) with the radio often bringing home/(B) the social picture into focus — news of Russian /(C)President Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainian crisis./(D)no error/(E)

Answers With Explanation

1. Ans. C. 

And instead of as well as
(Between…………….. and)

2.  Ans. A. 

Why instead of that
(Because that is information giver)

3. Ans. B. 

Lesser instead of less
(Because here we are doing comparison so we need to use comparative degree)

4. Ans. B. 

Besides instead of beside
(Because beside means at the side of
Besides means in addition to)

5. Ans. C. 

Weather instead of Whether
(Because weather refers to the state of the atmosphere)
Weather is an uncountable noun)

6. Ans. E. 

No error

7. Ans. B. 

Await instead of wait
(Because await is used for things)

8. Ans. C. 

Except instead of Expect
(Because except means not including)

9. Ans. D. 

At instead of in
(Because at is used for in or very near a particular place.)

10. Ans. E. 

No error

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