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Learn Vocabulary With Root Words For IBPS PO: Day 5

Published on Wednesday, June 28, 2017
In this article, we learn how we can improve our vocabulary easily by developing tricks. We make use of a technique known as ETYMOLOGY.

Review of Etymology

Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
Graphein To write
Kallos Beauty
-er One who
-ity State or condition
Pyge Buttocks
Kakos Bad, harsh
Photos Light
Tele- Distance
Bios Life
Geras Old age
Senex Old
-escent Growing, becoming

Note: Ends with y = noun

  • Ends with ist = noun
  • Ends with ic = adjective
  • Ends with ium = noun
  • Ends with ous = adjective

 Trick to learn words

  • Possessed of beautiful buttocks = kallos (beauty) + pyge (buttocks) = Callipygian
  • Problems of the aged = geras (old age) + logy (study) = Gerontology
  • Condition of aging or growing old = senex (old) + escent (growing) = Senescence
  • Deteriorated old age = senex (old) + ity (state or condition) = Senility
  • Analysis of hand writing = Graphein (to write) + logy (study) = Graphology
  • Ugly, bad, illegible hand writing = kakos (bad, harsh) + graphein (to write) = Cacography
  • Beautiful hand writing = kallos (beauty) + graphein (to write) = Calligraphy
  • Life writing = bios (life) + logy (study) = Biology
  • Distance writer = tele (distance) + graphein (to write) = Telegraph
  • Written by light = photo (light) + graphein (to write) = Photograph
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