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New Pattern Error Detection Quiz: Part 4

Published on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Direction: In the following question , there are sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence (s) or part (s) of sentence (s) that is / are correct in terms of grammar and usage(including spelling , punctuation and logical consistency).Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Question 1:

a)Light enters the eye through the lens- different wavelengths of lights corresponding with different colors.
b)The light hits the retina in the back of the eye , where pigments fire up neural connections to the visual cortex – the part of the brain that processed those signals into an Image.
c)Critically, though, that first burst of light is made of whatever wavelengths are illuminating the world, reflecting of whatever you’re looking at.
d)Without your having to worry about it, your brain figures out what color light is bouncing off the thing your eyes are looking at,
e)and essentially subtracts that color from the ‘real’ color of the object.

1)A and E
2)A,B and C 
3)B,C and D 
4)D and E

Question 2:

a)What the most distinguished the Greek approach to wine from that that of other cultures was the Greek practice of mixing wine with water before consumption .
b)Drinking even a fine wine without first mixing it with water was considered barbaric by the Greeks ,and by the Athenians in particular.
c)Only the god Dionyus ,they believed could drink unmixed wine without risk.
d)He is often depicted as drinking from a special type of vase ,the use of which indicate no water has been added.
e)Mere mortals, in contrast, could only drink wine whose strength had tempered with water ;otherwise they would become extremely violent or even go mad.

2) a & e 
3)b , c ,& e 
4)c & d

Question 3:

a) Former secretary of state Hillory Clinton announced her US Presidential bid today,
b) emerged as one of the top contenders for the democratic party nomination as she once again seeks to become America‘s first woman president.
c) the once –time first lady enters the race 7 years after her bitter nomination defeat to President Barack Obama .
d)The announcement is expected to trigger a donor deluge from a vast network of supporters who have long awaited for her to officially enter the 2016 presidential race.
e)The announcement came first in a tweet with an accompanying video and then in an email to her supporters.

1) a 
2)a &e 
3) a ,b,& c 
4) c, d& e

Question 4:

a)For many thousands of years ,humanity, with a few notable exception ,did not recognize the existence of the solar system .
b)People believe the Earth to be stationary at the centre of the universe and categorically different from the divine or the ethereal objects that moved through the sky .
c)Although the Greek philosopher Aristarchus of Samos had speculated on a heliocentric reordering of the cosmos, but Nicolus Copernicus was the first to develop a mathematically predictive heliocentric system.
d)His 17th –century successors ,Galileo Galilie ,Johannes kepler and Issac Newton ,developed an understanding of physics that led to the gradual acceptance of the idea
e)that the Earth moves around the sun and that the planets were governed by the same physical laws that governed the Earth .

1) a & d
2) a,c,& e
3) b ,c & d

Question 5:

a) We now know that the seemingly unusual phenomena of polar forests is in fact the more normal state of affairs for planet Earth.
b)Our familiarity with a world of polar ice-sheets and glaciers that wax and wane with seasons make it extraordinary to discover that.
c)For nearly 80% of the past half billion years, forests once extended up into the polar circles and beyond.
d)The story of polar forests is intimately linked with that of polar climates ,for the climate of the past controlled the distributions of forests, just as it does to that.
e)Expansive tracks of contemporary North American boreal forests ,consisting mainly of conifers and a few deciduous angiosperms ,reach 69o N.

1) a & e
2)a, b & d
3)b ,C & E
4)c & d.

Direction (6-10): The following question has a sentence with two blanks. Given below it are four pair of words, choose the pair that completes the sentence.

Question 6:

In order to accurately simulate the _______ response office sheets to changing environment conditions , such as temperature and snow _____ we need to know the shape and structure of the bedrock below the ice sheets in great details.
1)systematic , perforation
2)chaotic ,percolation
3)climatic , accretion
4)dynamic , accumulation

Question 7:

After world war II , when the ______ city centre was rebuilt , a modern concrete grid was _____ on plymouth’s original crooked cobbled lanes , burying its medieval past in memory.
1)annexed , supervened
2)annulled, supervised
3)annulled , superintended
4)annihilated , superimposed

Question 8:

The ____ tale of Walcott’s discovery of the Burgess Shale fossil site has it that his mule lost a shoe at the critical spot , but since he was already prospecting for fossils in those mountains, any intervention by ___ was mediated by design.
1)esoteric, tenacity
2)apocryphal , serendipity
3)irrefutable , persistence
4)iconoclastic , providence

Question 9:

Faraday was born to working- class parents and ______ out a meager existence as a/ an _____ bookbinder in the early 1800s.
1)spun, tyro
2)wrung , aficionado
3)wrested , veteran
4)eked , apprentice

Question 10:

Phi is the golden ratio of antiquity (1.6180339887), a never – ending number so lauded for its harmonious qualities that in 16th century it was _____ ‘ the divine proportion’.

Answers With Explanation

1) When followed by “ with “, “correspond” means to communicate by letters ; in the context of A , the correct preposition after “correspond” should be “to” to denote “to match up with “.In B , the verb “processed” is unnecessarily in the past tense, when the rest of the sentence is in the present tense.In C , the correct preposition after “reflecting” should be “off” not “of”
So only statements D and E are fully correct. Hence (4)

2)The use of the article “the” before “most” in A is incorrect : “most distinguished” is a verb phrase , so it cannot be preceded by an article.”Risking” in C is incorrect , as it hould have been followed by an object; alternatively , the word could have been replaced with the noun form ‘risk’. There is a subject- verb disagreement in D: the subject of the plural verb ‘indicates’ should replace ‘indicate’. The clause ‘whose…….. water’ in E is wrongly in the active voice ; the correct verb form in it should be ‘had been tempered’. Thus, only B is fully correct. Hence (1)

3) In B ,the correct form of the verb ‘emerge’ in B should be ‘emerging’. ‘ once-time’ In C is incorrect – the correct phrase is ‘ one-time’. In D , the correct verb should be ‘waited’ not ‘awaited ‘ (awaited should not be followed by ‘for’ and should be followed by a noun phrase)The article ‘an ‘ is missing before ‘ email’ in E. Therefore , only A is fully correct. Hence (1)

4) In B the correct word should be ‘stationary’ meaning ‘fixed’ or ‘unmoving’, not ‘stationery’ which refers to ‘writing paper’. The use of both ‘although’ and ‘but’ in C is incorrect- only one of them should be used, not both. There is parallelism error in E: since the first part of the statement ( ‘ that the earth moves around the sun’ ) is in the simple present tense , the second part (‘that the planets were governed by ….’) should also be in simple present tense i.e. are governed .Alternatively , this could be viewed as a tense error : since both these points are general statements of fact , they should both be in the simple present tense. Only A and D are fully correct. Hence (1)

5) In A , the correct word should be ‘ phenomenon’ which is the singular form of ‘phenomena’ (since the subject)is the existence of polar forests, which is a singular entity)In B , there is a subject- verb disagreement : the subject of the verb ‘ make ‘ is ‘familiarity’ Since , ‘ familiarity’ is singular , the singular verb ‘makes’ is to be used. In E, the word ‘ tracks’ (meaning ‘paths’ or ‘traces’ ) does not quite fit ; the more suitable word should be ‘tracts’, which means ‘expanse or area of land’. Only C and D are fully correct. Hence (4)

6) ‘Climatic’ meaning ‘relating to climate’, might fit into the first blank , but’ climactic’ meaning ‘pertaining to coming to a climax’ , certainly does not. ‘ Perforation’ meaning ‘ a hole’ or ‘being pierced through’ cannot apply to snow. So (1) is wrong .’Percolation’ (meaning passing through)is used for liquids , so it cannot be applied to snow either. only option (4) has words that fit into both blanks: ‘dynamic’ meaning ‘ characterized by energy or effective action’, combines logically with ‘ changing environmental conditions’ and ‘ accumulation’ meaning ‘growth by continuous addition’. Hence (4)

7) A city may be ‘annexed’ (meaning added or incorporated ) or ‘annihilated’ (meaning destroyed )but not annulled (made invalid or abolish) or ‘annulated’(meaning having ring like bands ), ‘supervened’(meaning ensued) does not fit grammatically into the second blank , as it cannot be used in the passive voice. Only ‘Superimposed’ (meaning placed over)makes sense in the context. Hence (4)

8) The ‘tale’ as given in the sentence , cannot be described as ‘iconoclastic’ which means ‘attacking cherished beliefs or traditions’ .so, (4) can be eliminated. The tale is about a chance discovery; the author then goes on to say that some designs i.e. purpose or intention (on the discoverer’s part) was also involved. Thus , the second blank should have a word that means roughly the same as ‘chance’ Only’ serendipity’ meaning ‘good fortune’, fits the skeptical tone of the rest of the sentence. Hence (2)

9)’Spun out’ means ‘went out of control’ which does not fit into this context at all. ‘ Wrested’ cannot be followed by ‘out’. Both ‘ wrung’ and ‘eked’ when followed by ‘out’ mean ‘ get by effort’ which correctly fits In the first blank. However , the collocation ‘ aficionado bookbinder’ is incorrect (the correct form would be bookbinding aficionado) On the other hand , apprentice (meaning someone who works for a skilled person to learn a trade) fits both grammatically and semantically in the second blank. Hence (4)

10) From the context of the sentence , we can tell that phi was called ‘the divine proportion’. so the missing word should be roughly synonymous to ‘called’ or ‘named’ Hence (4) is right choice as dubbed has the requisite meaning ‘given a name’.

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