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New Pattern Error Spotting Quiz IBPS PO 2017

Published on Friday, June 23, 2017

Direction: In each of the questions below there are three sentences. In these sentences one or more sentences are grammatically wrong. You have to identify the grammatically incorrect sentence and mark it as your answer.


I. Anil kumble has reportedly stepped down as India chief cricket coach amid speculation of a rift with captainViratKohli.

II. Two committees will submit their report within two and three months respectively.
III. Amid complaints by students of evaluation faults in his class XII results, the cbse on Tuesday setup two committees to study the loopholes in the evaluation procedure.

A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Only III
D. Both I and II
E. Both I and III


I. The patients were also exposed to risks of infection with the doors and windows kept open for ventilation.
II. Kevin Durant is set to make a new contract deal and stay with the Golden State Warriors, but the new NBA champions did lose a legendary player on Monday.
III. Despite of this handicap, at the end of the fifth round, the Indian girl had accumulated a total of 4 points and was tied with two other players.

A. Only I
B. Only II
C. Only III
D. Both I and III
E. All of the above


I. The Chennai franchise which is set to make its debut in the fifth season of pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has been named “Tamil Thalaivas.”
II. “New Delhi is the idle venue to get acclimatized to the current whether of Qatar.
III. President Donald Trump’s administration appears ready to harden its approach Toward Pakistan to crackdown on homegrown militants launching attacks in neighbouring Afghanistan.

A. Only II
B. Only III
C. Both II and III
D. Both I and II
E. None of these


I. Tim Farnumbelieve that smartphone apps are designed to be addictive, which is not a good thing for children.
II. American Airlines said it will allow Phoenix passengers flying during the peak heat from Monday to Wednesday to change flights without a fee.
III. The American university student held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months died at a Cincinnati hospital on Monday, just days after he was released from captivity in coma.

A. Only II
B. Only III
C. Only I
D. Only I and II
E. All I ,II and III are incorrect


I. SitaRam who has a disability in his left hand, could not get his Aadhaar card made and was worried that the administration may discontinue his pension.
II. Get set to drive the iconic American SUV brand Jeep that hit Indian roads in August with a locally-made model, which is likely to carry an entry price of around Rs 15-16 lakh.
III. With monsoon round the corner, villagers in Bijnor fear that they may became Victims of snakebites rain water forces these reptiles out their habitats.

A. Only I
B. Only III
C. Both I and III
D. Both II and III
E. Only II

Answers With Solution:

1. Ans. E. 
Sentence II is correct while I and III have grammatical error.
In sentence I India’s chief should be correct instead of India chief because we were trying to show possession case in it so we have to add an (‘) sign after India.
In sentence III it should be their class XII results instead of his because we are using this pronoun for students (plural).

2. Ans. C. 
Sentence I and II are correct and sentence III has an error in it. 
In sentence III we can’t use of with despite there is no word despite of in English language.

3. Ans. C. 
Sentence I is totally correct and sentences II and III are incorrect. 
In sentence II it should be weather instead of whether because in this sentence we are talking about atmosphere and whether is used for conjunction.
In sentence III we have a word its and this word always followed by a singular form of verb so it should be towards instead of toward.

4. Ans. D. 
Sentence III is correct and sentences I and II are incorrect. 
In sentence I we have a person’s name Tim Farnum (singular) it should followed by a singular verb also.
In sentence II, because this sentence is in past so we need to use the past verb of will that is would.

5. Ans. D. 
Sentence I is correct and sentences II and III are incorrect. 
In sentence II it should be hits Indian roads instead of Hit because our subject in this sentence is singular (Jeep) so we need to use singular form of verb also.
In sentence III, because this sentence is in present tense so we can’t use the past form of verb so it should become instead of became. 
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