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Phrase Replacement Practice Set: Part 3

Published on Saturday, June 10, 2017
In the following questions, a sentence has been given in which a group of words has been italicised. Some alternatives are suggested for the group of words, which improves the sentence answer the correct option. If no correction is required than mark ‘e’ as your answer.

1. The entire amount of black money had come into the banking system through demonetization and every rupee is being verified whether it is black or white.
a. Was come into
b. has come with
c. has come into
d. is coming in
e. No correction required

2. The soldiers along with the commander were court-martialled for defying the order of Army high command.
a. was court-martialled for defying
b. were court-martialling for defying
c. is court-martialled for defy
d. was court-martialling on defying
e. No correction required

3. As far as good schooling is concerned, none more than a few privileged people can afford it for their children.
a. none but few
b. none except little
c. no more than few
d. none except a few
e. No correction required

4. Having spent her childhood in Kolkata, she has developed her ability to converse in Bengali rather good.
a. rather better
b. fairly well
c. rather well
d.good rather
e. No correction required

5. India and China, whose per capita GHG footprint is far lower than the US, has affirmed their commitment to the Paris agreement.

a. have affirmed their commitment to
b. have affirmed its commitment to
c. has affirming their commitment to
d. had affirmed their commitment to
e. No correction required

6. The government has come forward with comprehensive guidelines and certain concrete rules and regulations aiming at improving the quality of school education.
a. aimed on improving
b. aimed at improve
c. aimed at improving
d. aim at improving
e. No correction required

7. According to experts, the danger for EVM manipulation was not only its software but also the hardware, which can easily be replaced either in parts or as the entire unit.
a. for EVM is not only manipulate
b. for EVM manipulates not only
c. for not only EVM manipulation is
d. for EVM manipulation is not only
e. No correction required

8. For me, journey by air is more preferable than that by train.
a. is much more preferable than
b. is preferable to
c. is preferable than
d. is prefer than
e. No correction required

9. The number of elephants, tiger, and wolves, which play an important role in the ecosystem for its large biomass, is dwindling.
a. their large biomass, are dwindling
b. their large biomass, is dwindling
c. their large biomass, is dwindled
d. its large biomass, are dwindling
e. No correction required

10. In abandoning the Paris Agreement on climate change, U.S. President Donald Trump has chosen to adopt a backward looking course on one of the most important issues facing humanity.
a. was choosing to adopt
b. is chosen to adapt
c, has chosen to adept
d. has chosen to adopt
e. No correction required

Answers with Explanation

1. Answer: option c

Explanation: The sentence is in present form so ‘has’ is correct form. In addition, ‘into’ shows movement and entrance.
Another Example - The student come into the classroom.

2. Answer: option e

Explanation: When two or more subjects are joined by along with, as well as, together with, in addition to, the verb is according to the first subject.
Another Example – The Minister along with his party colleagues has been invited to the party.

3. Answer: option d

Explanation: Few is used for number and little is used for quantity. A few means not many (some) and few means hardly anyone. Therefore, a few is the correct form.
Another example: I requested him to bring me a few storybooks.

4. Answer: option b

Explanation: Rather is used before the adjectives used in bad sense and fairly is used in good sense.
Another example: Raghu is rather hopeless.

5. Answer: option a

Explanation: The two subjects joined by, ‘and’ also their commitment refers to India and China’s commitment, so have is the correct form.
Another Example: Bread and butter are sold here.

6. Answer: option c

Explanation: A preposition is always followed by a gerund (verb +ing). If we want to use a verb after a preposition, it must be a gerund.
Another example: She is good at swimming.

7. Answer: option d

Explanation: The expression ‘not only’ must be placed before the right word, otherwise the meaning changes. In addition, the sentence is in present tense.
Another example: Not only did he help her, but also dropped her home safely.

8. Answer: option b

Explanation: Adjective preferable is always followed by to instead of than.
Another example: Lemon juice is preferable to tea.

9. Answer: option b

Explanation: If the subject is ‘the number of’, the singular verb is used. In addition, which denotes the elephants, tiger, and wolves so ‘their’ is correct.
Another example: The number of students is very large.

10. Answer: option d

Explanation: Adopt means take up, whereas adapt means accommodation and Adept means expert. Therefore, in the given sentence Adopt is correct form.
Another example: One should not adopt unfair means to secure good marks.
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