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Phrase Replacement Practice Set: Part 4

Published on Monday, June 12, 2017

1. If we fail to took this chance, the rise of populism in Europe’s core countries will become inevitable.
a) If we had failed to take this chance
b) If we fail to take this chance
c) If we failed to take this chance
d) If we will fail to take this chance
e) No correction required

2. The war against corruption is only starting, and the fighting is carried away by office by office, ministry by ministry. 
a) was carried out
b) is carried on
c) is carried out
d) are carried out
e) No correction required

3. The students were pulled down by the principal for their misbehaviour with the class teacher. 
a) were pulled off by 
b) are pulled by
c) were pulled with
d) were pulled up by
e) No correction required

4. She is working hard with a view by attaining good marks in the examination. 
a) with a view of attain 
b) with a view to attaining
c) with a view for attaining
d) with a view to attained
e) No correction required

5. Whom do you think I was talking over the phone when you come to see me? 
a) Who do you think I was talking over 
b) Whom do you think I was talking
c) Who do you think I was talking to
d) Who do you think I was talking with
e) No correction required

6. Children who have had a good pre-school education are most likely to out-do other children at school. 
a) have had good pre-school 
b) have had a bad pre-school
c) had a good pre-school
d) have had a better pre-school
e) No correction required

7. Either the principal or his colleagues has submitted their resignation. 
a) has submitted his resignation 
b) have submitted his resignation
c) is submitted his resignation
d) have submitted their resignation
e) No correction required

8. The main business of the Parliament is to deal with matters pertained with the Legislature. 
a) pertained to 
b) pertain to
c) pertaining with
d) pertaining to
e) No correction required

9. A true soldier is always preparing to lie down his life for the sake of the nation. 
a) Preparing to be lay by 
b) prepared to lay down
c) prepared to be laying
d) prepared to lie down
e) No correction required

10. Whenever my students come across new words, I ask them to look for them in the dictionary. 
a) to look after them 
b) to look at them
c) to look them up
d) to look into them
e) No correction required

Answers with Explanation 

1. Answer: option b 

Explanation: If the adverbial clause of condition is in present likely condition means if the principal clause with shall/will, then the conditional clause will be present indefinite form.
Another example: If she walk fast, she will get here soon.

2. Answer: option c 

Explanation: Carried out means to put ahead to, which is the correct form in this sentence. Carried on and carried away means behave in a specified way and to influnce
Another example: He carried out his plan without incident.

3. Answer: option d 

Explanation: pull up is a phrasal verb, which mean stop or scold. Here this is the correct form. Also pull off means succeed and pull with means live together.
Another example: The son was pulled up by his mother for disturbing her.

4. Answer: option b 

Explanation: Some verb followed by ‘be used to’, ‘accustomed to’, and ‘with a view to’, ‘look forward to’ is always take gerund.
Another example: She go there with a view to studying Math.

5. Answer: option c 

Explanation: Who is used for subject, and whom is used for object. Therefore In this sentence whom is correct form.
Another example: whom are you playing with?

6. Answer: option e 

Explanation: Here good pre-school education is used as idiomatic phrase. Use a before good.
Another example: He is a very good person.

7. Answer: option d 

Explanation: When two or more subjects are connected by ‘either – or’ the verb is according to the nearest subject.
Another example: Either her father or her sisters have to attend the meeting.

8. Answer: option d 

Explanation: the sentence is in present continuous form so the correct form is ‘pertaining to’.
Another example: All this documents pertaining to the lawsuit.

9. Answer: option b 

Explanation: Lay down means to sacrifice. Lay by means save money. Lie down means to move into a position Therefore lay down is correct form.
Another example: The thief laid down his gun and surrendered.

10. Answer: option c 

Explanation: Look up mean consult some book for a word, whereas look at, look after and look into mean see carefully, take care of and investigate respectively. Therefore, the correct form is look up.
Another example: Please look up this word in the dictionary. 
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