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Simple Interest Tricks For IBPS PO 2017: Part 1

Published on Saturday, June 24, 2017

Principal: When money is borrowed for a certain time period, called principal or sum.
Amount: The sum of principal and interest is called the amount.
  • P – Principal 
  • r – Rate of interest 
  • A – Amount 
  • t – Numbers of years 
  • S.I. – Simple interest 
  • C.I. – Compound interest 




What will be the simple interest of Rs. 15400 in 2 years at the rate of 8%? 

= 2464 Rs.


If the interest rate and time is in half yearly than for yearly half the time and double the interest rate.


If Mohan deposited 4500 Rs. in bank for 2 years and the rate of interest is 10% half yearly. What will be the simple interest for 2 years?

S.I.= 1800 Rs.


If the interest rate and time is quarterly than for yearly divide the time by 4 and multiply the interest rate by 4.


If Reeta borrowed 5000 Rs. for 3 years and the rate of interest is 3% quarterly. What will be the simple interest for 1 and half year?

= 900 Rs.


If principle, time and rate is given, then find Amount:


P= 5500 Rs., r=5%, t=3 years, A=?

A= 5500+825
A= 6325 Rs.


If the some money becomes x Rs. in 2 years and y Rs. in 3 years then find the principle.
We have to find out the interest of 1 year. Proper explanation in example:


A sum becomes 720 Rs. in 2 years and 780 Rs. in 3 years. Find the principal.
Interest in 1 year = 780-720 =60 Rs. 
Interest in 2 years = 60×2 = 120 Rs.
Principal = 720-120 = 600 Rs.


P= Debt, r= rate of interest, t = time period, Instalment =?


What will be annual instalment if the debt is 618 for 3 years at 3% per annum?

=200 Rs.


If the amount is x times of principal and rate of interest and time both are numerically equal. Then:


If the amount is (5/4) times of Principal and rate of interest and time both are numerically equal. Then, what is the rate of interest per annum?

Some Examples


If some money double itself in 3 years. In how many years it will become 8 times itself at the same rate of interest?


Let principle = 100 Rs.
It becomes double in 3 years, so now amount = 100×2 = 200 Rs.
Simple interest = 200-100 = 100 Rs.

r = 100/3 %
If it becomes 8 times, Interest = 800-100=700

t= 21 years


If the principal is 500 Rs. the difference between simple interest for 4 years and 6 years is 60 Rs. Find the rate of interest.


Interest of 1 year =60/2=30 Rs.

r= 6 %


Rs. 8000 is divided into two parts if one part is invested at 4% and the other at 7% for 1 year, if the total interest from the both investment is 820 Rs. Find each part of investment.


x×4%×2+(8000-x)×7%×2 = 820
8x+112000-14x= 82000
x=5000 Rs.
1st part = 5000 Rs.
2nd part = 8000-5000 = 3000 Rs.
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