GK Tricks To Learn Crematoriums & Parliaments: Part 3

List of crematoriums

Trick 1: Chaudhary Kishan

Name of the crematorium Person
Kishan ghat Chaudhary Charan Singh

Trick 2: Jagjeevan ki samata

Mahaprayan ghat Dr rajendra prasad
Samata sthal Jagjeevan ram

Trick 3: Zail Singh and Chandra Shekhar ki ektha

Ektha sthal Zail Singh
Ektha sthal Chandra Shekhar

Trick 4: Nehru ki shanthi

Shanthi van Jawahar Lal Nehru

Trick 5: Ambedkar ki chaitya

Chaitya bhoomi Br Ambedkar

Trick 6: L.RNarayann is chairman of Uday Bhoomi newspaper

Uday bhoomi K.r Narayan

 Parliaments of Different Countries

Trick 1:

Country whose parliament is parliament
Country name Parliament name
Australia Parliament
Bangladesh Jatia parliament
Canada Parliament
France Parliament
Great britain Parliament
South africa Parliament

Trick 2:

Country whose parliament is majilis
Country name Parliament name
Iran Majilis
Kuwait Majilis
Malaysia Majilis
Maldives Majilis
Oman Majilis
Pakistan Majilis-e-shura
Ujbekistan Oily majilis

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