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High Level Reasoning Puzzle: Part 20

Published on Thursday, July 13, 2017
High Level Reasoning Puzzle: Part 20

Directions for questions 1 to 4: read the information given below and solve the questions based on it.
Professor X works only on Mondays, Tuesdays , Wednesdays, Fridays ,and Saturdays. He performs four different activities –lecturing, conducting quizzes, evaluating quizzes and working on consultancy projects. Each working day he performs exactly one activity
in the morning and exactly one activity in the afternoon. During each week , his work schedule MUST satisfy the following restrictions:
He conducts quizzes on exactly three mornings.
If he conducts quizzes on Monday, he does not conduct a quiz on Tuesday.
he lectures in the afternoon on exactly two consecutive calendar days .
he evaluates quizzes on exactly one morning and three afternoon
he works on consultancy project on exactly one morning
On Saturday , he neither lectures nor conducts quizzes.

Question 1:

On Wednesdays, the professor could be scheduled to ?A) work on a consultancy project in the morning and conduct a quiz in the afternoon
b)lecture in the morning and evaluate quizzes in the afternoon.
c)conduct a quiz in the morning and lecture in the afternoon .
d)conduct a quiz in the morning and work on consultancy project in the afternoon

Question 2:

Which of the following statements must be true ?
a)there is one day on which he evaluates quizzes both in the morning and in the afternoon
b)he works on the consultancy project on one of the days on which lectures
c)He works on consultancy project on one of the days on which he evaluates quizzes
d)He lectures on one of the days on which evaluates quizzes
e)He lectures on one of the days on which she conducts quiz

Question 3:

If the professor conducts a quiz on Tuesday, then her schedule for evaluating quizzes could be?a)Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Friday morning, Friday afternoon
b)Monday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon
c)Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon
d)Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon
e)Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Saturday morning

Question 4:

Which one of the following must be a day on which professor lectures ? a)Monday 

DIRECTIONS (5 and 6 ) : Three friends A, Rs.5 ?B, and C respectively have Rs.160, Rs.120, and Rs.80.They started playing a game in which the person who has the maximum money gives to both the persons on equal amount to half the difference between his amount and the respective person’s amount. The game stops when the difference between the amount any two of them have is lessRs.5?

Question 5:

What would be the amount with A at the end of the game? a)117.5 b)122.5 c)120 d)125

Question 6:

What would be the amount with C at the end of the game?
a) 115 b)117.5 c)120 d)122.5


1)(c )

First  round
120+(160-120)/2   =  140
80+ (16-80)/2 = 120
Second round
100+ (140-100)/2  = 120
140 – (20+10)=110
120+(140 -120)/2 =130
Third round
120 + (130-120)/2 =125
110+ (130-110)/2  = 120
130- (10+5)=115
Fourth round
125 – (25+5) =117.5
120 – (125-120)/2 = 122.5
115(125-115)/2 = 120

The game stops here 
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