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Learn Vocabulary With Root Words: Day 10

Published on Saturday, July 22, 2017
Review of Etymology:
Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
Grex, gregis Herd, flock
-ness Noun suffix
Con- With together
Ad- To, towards
Ag- To, towards
Un- Negative suffix
Scio To know
Sciens Knowing
Omnis All
Pre- Before
Ne- Negative suffix
Se- Apart
-ion Noun suffix added to verbs
-ness State of
-tion Act of, state of, result of
-ity condition or quality of
-ate cause, make
able capable of

  • Ends with ity, ty = noun
  • Ends with ous = adjective
  • Ends with tion = noun
  • Ends with ness = noun

Trick to learn words:

  • Enjoying groups and companionship = greg (groups) + ious (possessing, full of)(adjective) = gregarious 
  • Ignorant = ne (negative suffix) + sciens (knowing) = nescient 
  • State of not being held back from antisocial behaviour by one’s conscience = un (negative suffix) + con (with, together) + scio (to know) + able (capable of) + ity (condition or quality of) or ness (State of) = Unconscionability or Unconscionableness 
  • Having knowledge of an event before it occurs = Pre (before) + sciens (knowing) = Prescient 
  • A religious ‘flock’ = con (with or together) + greg (flock) + tion (Act of, state of, result of) = congregation 
  • A total, whole, or mass = ag (to, towards) + greg (whole or mass) + tion (Act of, state of, result of) = aggregation 
  • To separate from the rest = se (apart) + greg (herd or flock) + ate (cause, make) = Segregate 
  • All- knowing = omnis (all) + sciens (knowing) = omniscient 
  • To come together into a group or mass = con (with, together) + greg (herd or flock) + ate (cause, make) = congregate
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