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Learn Vocabulary With Root Words For IBPS PO: Day 6

Published on Monday, July 03, 2017
In this article we learn how we can improve our vocabulary easily by developing tricks. We make use of a technique known as ETYMOLOGY.
Review of Etymology:
Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
Astron Star
Cosmo universe
Nautes Sailor
Naus Ship
Metron measurement
Dis- Against
Nomos Arrangement, law, order
Autos Self
Ge(geo) Earth
Botane Plant
Zoion Animal
-al Pertaining to
-ac Pertaining to
-isk Pertaining to

  • Ends with y = noun
  • Ends with ist = noun
  • Ends with ic = adjective
  • Ends with ium = noun
  • Ends with ous = adjective
  • Ends with al = adjective or noun
  • Ends with logy = noun
  • Ends with ity, ty = noun

Trick to learn words: 

  • Voyager among stars = aster (star) + nautes (sailor) = astronaut
  • Traveller through the universe = cosmo (universe) + nautes (sailor) = cosmonaut 
  • Great misfortune = dis (against) +aster (star) + er (pertaining to) = disaster 
  • Mapping of the Earth = geo (earth) + graphein (to write) = geography 
  • Self-governing = autos (self) + nomos (law) = autonomous 
  • Diagram used in astrology = zoion (animal) + ac (pertaining to) = zodiac 
  • Pertaining to such astronomical diagram = zoion (animal) + al (pertaining to) = zodiacal 
  • Star-shaped symbol = aster (star) + isk (pertaining to) = asterisk 
  • Pertaining to ships, sailing, etc = nautes (sailor) + al (pertaining to) = nautical 
  • Self-government = autos (self) + nomos (law) = autonomy
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