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Learn Vocabulary With Root Words For IBPS PO: Day 7

Published on Wednesday, July 05, 2017
In this article, we learn how we can improve our vocabulary easily by developing tricks. We make use of a technique known as ETYMOLOGY.

Review of Etymology:

Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
En- in
tome a cutting
In- in
Kentron (centrum) centre
a- not, negative
ana- Up
dicha- In two
epi- On, upon, whole
logos Word, speech
lingua Tongue
philein to love
biblion Book
anglus English
socius Companion
anti- against
Logy Study
Anthrope Mankind
-er One who
-al Pertaining to
-ic Pertaining to


  • Ends with y = noun
  • Ends with ist = noun
  • Ends with ic = adjective
  • Ends with ium = noun
  • Ends with ous = adjective
  • Ends with al = adjective or noun
  • Ends with logy = noun
  • Ends with ity, ty = noun
  • Ends with er = noun
  • Ends with ize = verb

 Tricks to learn words:

  • Pertaining to the study of social customs = socius (companion) +logy (study) + al (pertaining to) = sociological
  • Lover and collector of books = biblion (book) + philein ( to love) = bibliophile
  • Make love promiscuously = philein (to love) + Andros (man) + er (one who) = philander
  • Pertaining to the science of linguistics = philein (to love) + logy (study) + al (pertaining to) = philological
  • Pertaining to the study of insects = en(in) + tome (sect) + logy (study) + al (pertaining to) = entomological
  • One who admires English customs = anglo (English) + philein (to love) = anglophile
  • Smallest particle, so- called (indivisible) = a(not) + tome(cutting) = atom
  • Pertaining to the structure of a body = ana (up or structure) + tome (a cutting) + al (pertaining to)anatomical
  • Spilt in two = dicha(in two) + tome (a cutting) = dichotomous
  • A condensation, summary, or representation of the = Whole = epi (upon or whole) + tome (a cutting) = epitome
  • To stand for the whole; to summarize = epi (upon or whole) + tome (a cutting) + ize (pertaining to) = epitomize
  • Pertaining to charitable activities = philein ( to love) + anthrope (mankind) + ic (pertaining to) = philanthropic
  • Out of the norm; odd, not placed centrally = centrum (centre) + ic (pertaining to) = eccentric
  • One who ‘plays around’ = philein (to love) + andros (man) + er (one who) = philanderer
  • Science of the manner in which groups functions = socius (companion) + logy (study) = sociology
  • Self-isolated from contact with people = socius (companion) + al (pertaining to) = asocial
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