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Sentence Re-arrangement Exercises from The Hindu: Part 9

Published on Thursday, July 20, 2017
Re-arrange the following sentences A, B, C, D, E and F in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and answer the questions given below:

Ques 1.

A. A total of 771 MPs were eligible for participating in the election process.
B. The counting of votes is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. on July 20.
C. The election was conducted at 32 polling stations, including in Parliament and the State Assemblies
D. The presidential election on Monday recorded probably the highest ever voting turnout of close to 99%
E. In all, 714 of them cast their votes in Parliament, while 42 MPs voted in the West Bengal Assembly.
F. While ballot boxes from nine State Assemblies reached the national capital by Monday evening, the rest were expected to be transported by air on Tuesday.

Which would be the correct sequence of the above sentences, which would form a meaningful paragraph?

1. C A E B F D
2. D A C F E B
3. D C A E F B
4. C A B F E D

Ques 2. 

A. India will play three Tests in Sri Lanka and will commence its campaign with a warm-up game in Colombo on July 21 and 22.
B. A BCCI press release stated: “Vijay, who suffered a wrist injury during Australia’s tour of India, complained of pain in his right wrist
C. Opener Shikhar Dhawan has replaced M. Vijay, who was originally picked in the India Test squad scheduled to tour Sri Lanka.
D. The BCCI medical team has therefore advised that Vijay should continue his rehabilitation programme.”
E. The first Test will be held at Galle from July 26.
F. Vijay, who underwent a surgery and skipped the Indian Premier League, seemed on the road to recovery until the latest setback unhinged his comeback plans.

Which would be the correct sequence of the above sentences, which would form a meaningful paragraph?

1. C D B F A E
2. C B D F A E
3. F A E C D B
4. F E A C B D

Ques 3. 

A. Its other two projects include a greenfield plant in Guwahati and an integrated food park in Maharashtra
B. Britannia Industries Ltd. (BIL) has lined up two greenfield projects, including one at the Mundra Special Economic Zone, to cater to its export requirements.
C. It will also start a local manufacturing unit in Nepal.
D. It was also looking to make strategic investments in high-potential markets to establish local operations.
E. The proposed Nepal entry may be a move in that direction although the company was unwilling to go on record for now.
F. Edelweiss Securities said in its report that Britannia was finalising plans for expansion in export markets even as it faced pressure in its international business.
Which would be the correct sequence of the above sentences, which would form a meaningful paragraph?

1. B A C F E D
2. F A C B D E
3. B C A F D E
4. F C A B E D

Ques 4. 

A. The radio frequency identification (RFID) stickers enables automatic deduction of toll charges and lets the driver pass through the toll plaza without stopping for cash transactions, a statement said.
B. Chennai-based Equitas Small Finance Bank has expanded its digital banking suite .
C. For this, the bank had integrated Unified Payments Interface in its wallet PURZ.
D. “We plan to issue one lakh electronic toll collection tags by March 2018,” said P.N. Vasudevan, MD and CEO.
E. The expansion has been done by introducing a self -service facility for customers to avail FastTAG (RFID sticker) for their vehicles.

Which would be the correct sequence of the above sentences, which would form a meaningful paragraph?1. B E C D A
2. B C E D A
3. C E A B D
4. C A E D B

Ques 5.

A. “However, this method of calibrating the compensation cess did not take into consideration the cascading of taxes "the statement added.
B. The Goods and Services Tax Council, on Monday, decided to increase the cess applied on cigarettes by as much as 31% in certain categories, effective from Tuesday.
C. “In respect of cigarettes, the Fitment Committee had recommended that in line with the weighted average VAT rate (28.7%) the GST rate on cigarettes may be kept at 28%.
D. The cess on these items is over and above the 28% GST rate applied to them.
E. Hence, it decided to increase the compensation cess on all cigarettes.
F. “As a result, the total tax incidence on cigarettes in GST regime has come down, as compared to the total tax in pre-GST regime.”

Which would be the correct sequence of the above sentences, which would form a meaningful paragraph?
1. B C D A E F
2. A E F B D C
3. A F E B C D
4. B D C A F E

Answers & Explanation

1. Answer : Option 3. D C A E F B

Explanation : Always look for the proper noun to start a sentence. Then, carefully look for any pronoun, that describes the noun. Observe if any time frame is given. For e.g , here Monday and Tuesday.

2. Answer : Option 2. C B D F A E

Explanation: Spot the continuing effect words, like therefore and hence, which follows the cause sentence. Understand the meaning of the paragraph. The first test will be played after the warm up match.

3. Answer : Option 3. B C A F D E

Explanation: Search for any repeated words. Here the word which gets repeated is 'greenfield'. Locate the next sentence, which has 'greenfield' in it. The word 'markets' also gets repeated, So after 'expansion in export markets', place 'markets to establish local operations'.

4. Answer : Option 1.B E C D A

Explanation: Start with the proper noun, 'Chennai based Equitas Bank'. 'Expansion' is following in sentence E. 'For this' is a continuing word. The final result is in sentence A.

5. Answer : Option 4. B D C A F E

Explanation: Start with the proper noun, 'The Goods and Service Tax Council'. 'The fitment Committee' sentence is followed by 'However', as it has the phrase 'this method of calibration' .After the method, place 'As a result ' sentence. In the last sentence, place the final decision, which is sentence E.
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