Tricks To Learn Important Days of May

Published on Tuesday, July 11, 2017
In this article we learn how to remember important days easily by developing tricks
Trick to remember important days of May.


On 1st Labour Day, 2 astronomers received 3 press freedom prizes 4(for) fighting against fire.

  • Labour Day - International Labour day
  • Astronomers - International Astronomy day
  • Press freedom - World press freedom day
  • Fighting fire - International fire fighters day

Day Importance
May 1 International Labour day
May 2 International Astronomy day
May 3 World Press Freedom day
May 4 International fire fighters day


5 athletes on 8th Red Cross day took steps for developing 11 technologies in 17 telecommunication, 18 museums, 20 Metrology and 22 Bio-diversity to counter (anti) attack terrorism.

  • Athletes - World Athletics day
  • Red Cross day - World Red Cross and Red Crescent day
  • Technologies - National technology day
  • Telecommunication - World Telecommunication day
  • Museums - International museum day
  • Metrology - World Metrology day
  • Biodiversity - International day for Biological Diversity
  • Anti-Terrorism - Anti-terrorism day

Day Importance
May 5 World Athletics day
May 8 World Red Cross and Red Crescent day
May 11 National technology day
May 17 World Telecommunication day
May 18 International museum day
May 20 World Metrology day
May 21 Anti-terrorism day
May 22 International day for Biological Diversity

12 Nurses on 10th world Mothers day took care of 15 families of 29 UN peace keepers who were suffering from 12 hypertension, 19 Hepatitis, 25 Thyroid, 31 Tobacco diseases.

  • Nurses - World nurses day
  • World Mothers day - World Mothers day
  • Families - International day of families
  • UN Peacekeepers - International day of UN peacekeepers
  • Hypertension - World Hypertension day
  • Hepatitis - World Hepatitis day
  • Thyroid - World thyroid day
  • Tobacco - WorldAnti-Tobaccoo day

Day Importance
May 10 World Mothers day
May 12 World Hypertension day
World nurses day
May 15 International day of families
May 19 World Hepatitis day
May 24 Common wealth day
May 25 World thyroid day
May 29 International day of UN peacekeepers
May 31 World anti tobacco day

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