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Tricks To Learn Schedules of Indian Constitution

Published on Monday, July 31, 2017
Tricks To Learn Schedules of Indian Constitution

Schedules of Indian Constitution

In this article, we learn how to remember Schedules of Indian Constitution easily by developing tricks

Trick to learn:

Prime minister of India enquired the Names of CM’s of states and UT’s (1st ) with salaries and emoluments (2nd ), the CM’s took Oath and affirmations in front of members of Legislatures, ministers and judges (3rd) to allocate seats in Rajyasabha (4th ) to administrate and control schedules areas and tribes (5th ) in states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram (6th) and distribute power between the union and the state government (7th ) in any language (8th) under validation of certain acts and regulations (9th ) avoiding Anti-defection law (10th ) in Panchayats (11th ) and Municipalities (12th )
Schedule Purpose
1st Schedule This lists the states and territories of India
2nd Schedule lists the salaries of officials holding public office, judges, and comptroller and auditor general of India
3rd Schedule lists the oaths of offices for elected officials and judges
4th Schedule the allocation of seats in the Rajya Sabha
5th Schedule administration and control of Scheduled Areas and Tribes
6th Schedule Provisions made for the administration of tribal areas in Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram.
7th Schedule The union (central government), state, and concurrent lists of responsibilities
8th Schedule Official languages.
9th Schedule Validation of certain Acts and Regulations
10th Schedule "Anti-defection" provisions for Members of Parliament and Members of the State Legislatures.
11th Schedule Panchayat Raj (rural local government)
12th Schedule Municipalities (urban local government).

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