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Vocabulary from Economic Times: 18 July 2017

Published on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

1. Mundane: सांसारिक 

Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one; earthbound, sublunary, planetary, sub-lunar, social
Example: Some days ago, the mundane need to buy a pair of shoes made me think of Blake Mycoskie’s Toms Shoes.

2. Lore: विद्या 

Learning, knowledge, science, scholarship, knowing
Example: Business lore has it that about a decade ago, Mycoskie, on a visit to Argentina, was so affected by the plight of barefooted children, that he went on to create a company that would match every pair of shoes bought with a new pair for a child in need.

3. Magnanimity: उदारता 

Generosity, leniency, largesse, liberality, bounty
Example: Till recently, social initiatives were considered part of the magnanimity of the company, its CSR (corporate and social) effort.

4. Absentia: अनुपस्थिति 

In absentia, a legal term, is Latin for "in the absence" or "while absent".
Example:' From it being a one-way street where brands reached out, today it’s a consumer highway where brands are discussed in absentia.

5. Traction: संकर्षण 

the extent to which an idea, product, etc. gains popularity or acceptance; connecting rod, extraction
Example: Moreover, in the product-marketer- brand and C2C communication algorithm, there is a newer voice gaining traction: that of the informed consumer.

6. Millennial: हज़ार साल का 

Denoting or relating to a period of a thousand years
Example: The mind-set of the millennial has been shaped uniquely.

7. Milieu: परिवेश 

A person's social environment; background, setting, backdrop, context
Example: For them, the goal is not development of just the self but of their milieu.

8. Parity: समानता 

Equality, similarity, parallelism, affinity, proportionality
Example: Businesses, for them, should respond to big issues like gender parity, child rights, environmental protection, etc.

9. Rung: स्तर 

A level in a hierarchical structure, especially a class or career structure
Example: Sure, this is true for the top rung of educated consumers.

10. Myopic: अदूरदर्शी 

short-sighted, near-sighted
Example: The challenge before leaders is to develop a larger picture, rather than just focus on the myopic views shaped by the noise of the times.

11. Torrent: धार 

Edge, razor blade, watercourse, razor edge, knife edge
Example: In this age of social media, it could well be a torrent.

12. Embroil: उलझाना 

Confound, entangle, encumber, perplex, complicate
Example: This hyper-connected world, where senses clash and converge, engages and embroils consumers in a mixed reality.

13. Modicum: अल्पभाग 

A small quantity of a particular thing, especially something desirable or valuable; particle, degree
Example: The fluidity with which companies appear and disappear, be it e-commerce or mobile hardware, has the consumer looking for a modicum of certainty.

14. Embody: समाविष्ट करना 

Include or contain (something) as a constituent par; incorporate, Introduce, contain
Example: And that assurance can come from a specific value system that is becoming essential for a brand to embody and exude.

15. Exude: निर्गत होना 

Emanate, go out, do forth, radiate, emit
Example: And that assurance can come from a specific value system that is becoming essential for a brand to embody and exude.

16. Gimmick: नौटंकी 

A trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade; stunt, eye-catching
Example: But people can see through gimmicks and, these days, they identify what is fake and exploitative sooner than they did earlier.

17. Discordant: प्रतिकूल 

Unfavourable, repugnant, disadvantageous, contrary, averse
Example: If a brand’s well-intended but shallow efforts are not in tune with the core values, a discordant note will soon become apparent.

18. Discerning: विवेकी 

Having or showing good judgement; prudent, rational, selective, refined
Example: The discerning will identify how the brand ‘Is’, in terms of its products, services and marketing, and what it portrays through socially good initiatives.

19. Entail: आवश्यक 

Involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence; require, need, demand, call for
Example: This is apparent in campaigns like Dettol’s ‘Swachh Banega India’, which tackles a real issue of society, and entails investing and building cleanliness habits and partnering with the government.

20. Tussle: संघर्ष 

A vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something; scuffle, fight, struggle, skirmish
Example: Essar resolution: legal tussle ahead.
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