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Vocabulary From Economic Times: 3 July 2017

Published on Monday, July 03, 2017

1.Epochal: महत्त्वपूर्ण 

Important, significant, prominent.
Example: Meeting of the President and the Prime Minister was an Epochal event.

2. Tortuous: पेचीदा 

Complex, complicate
Example: The Journey of the GST was tortuous. 

3. Glitches: खामियों 

Example: Initially, GST has so many glitches that need to be ironed out.

4. Semblance: अनुरूपता 

Congruence, analogy, accordance, parity, proportionality
Example: He was executed without even the semblance of a fair trial.

5. Subservient: सहायक 

Subsidiary, helpful, auxiliary, accessory, supporting
Example: Earlier the states were seen as subservient to the Centre

6. Subtle: जटिल 

Complex, complicated, intricate, sophisticated, difficult
Example: The play’s message is perhaps too subtle to be understood by young children.

7. De Facto: वास्तविक 

Real, Authentic
Example: For all practical purposes GST council will be the de facto agency.

8. Wand: छड़ी 

Stick, rod,
Example: GST is not magic wand that will change India overnight.

9. Compliance: अनुपालन 

Adherence, conformity, obedience
Example: Under GST, compliance procedures like registration, payments, refunds and returns can only be done through online portals.

10. Envisaged: उल्लिखित 

Referred, described, mentioned, referential
Example: Ease of doing business is replaced by the seamless operations envisaged under GST.

11. Clarion Call: आह्वान 

Loud and Clear call 
Example: Demonetization was the clarion call against black money.

12. Evade: बच निकालना 

Elude, escape, sidestep
Example: Narendra Modi urged the Charted Accountants to help their clients rather than evade them.

13. Trail: पता 

Address, trace, footprint, scent, superscription
Example: The GST will create multiple audit trails that will lead the taxman to undisclosed income. 

14. Punitive: दंडात्मक 

Penal, corrective, disciplinary, correctional
Example: The government will take strong punitive measures against tax evaders.

15. Amass: संग्रह करना 

Store, collect, accumulate, aggregate, store up
Example: Today, industry funds individual politicians, who amass war chests. 

16. Dole out: ख़ैरात करना 

Distribute, dispense, divide, deal
Example: Politicians dole out money to their followers, supporters and activists.

17. Allegiance: निष्ठा 

Loyalty, devotion, dedication, faith, adherence
Example: They swear allegiance to the flag.

18. Coffers: तिजोरी 

Chest, cash chest, strong box
Example: The politicians always turn blind eye to the black money generated to fund their coffers.

19. Squally: तूफानी 

Stormy, windy, surly
Example: The wind was followed by a squally shower.

20. Overcast: घटाटोप 

Example: Yesterday was overcast but warm.
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