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Vocabulary From The Economic Times: 6 July 2017

Published on Thursday, July 06, 2017

1. Diaspora: प्रवासी 

The dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland, migrant, emigrant, expatriate
Example: Nine million strong Indian diaspora live in West Asia.

2. Wariness: एहतियात 

Circumspection, watchfulness, caution, care, wariness, vigilance
Example: Her wariness about talking about her children is a reminder of the dangers of her job.

3. Democratisation: लोकतंत्रीकरण 

The introduction of a democratic system or democratic principles
Example: The Arab Spring, instead of resulting in mass democratisation across the region, witnessed the breakdown of governance in Egypt and triggered civil wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

4. Embolden: प्रोत्साहित करना 

Give the courage or confidence to do something, push, encourage, promote, spur
Example: But it has generated fears in other regional capitals, who worry that the removal of international sanctions against Iran may have emboldened Tehran and upset the balance of power.

5. Conduit: पाइपलाइन 

Duct, pipe, tube, channel
Example: While preserving ties with Iran, a vital conduit into Afghanistan and Central Asia, India has tried to seize the opportunities presented by this changing landscape to strengthen ties with the likes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

6. Accord: सहमति 

Give, grant, tender, present
Example: It’s a reflection of the increased political importance India accords to the region.

7. Beset: घेर लेना 

Encompass, circle, round up, be covered or studded with
Example: This is where Israel’s importance becomes apparent: looking west from India, it is an island of stability amid a region beset by considerable political, military, economic and social upheaval.

8. Upheaval: उथल-पुथल 

Disruption, upset, disturbance, turbulence
Example: This region is encircled with social upheaval.

9. Thaw: मित्रतापूर्ण 

an increase in friendliness, friendly
Example: For India, a deeper, more normal relationship with Israel has been made easier by the thaw in Israel’s relations with Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

10. Irrevocably: अपरिवर्तनीय ढंग से 

Irreversibly, in a way that cannot be changed, reversed, or recovered
Example: Completely normalising relations with Israel, as this first visit by an India Prime minister irrevocably does, is an important step towards that objective.

11. Pally: मैत्रीपूर्ण 

Cordial, amicable, having a close, friendly relationship
Example: Some leaders demand pally with Palestine.

12. Quandary: व्याकुलता 

Distraction, quandary, ruction, discomposure, agitation, unrest, dilemma, state of perplexity
Example: Promoters understand this quandary and have used it to their advantage.

13. Ramp up: बढ़ाना 

It is a term used in economics and business to describe an increase in firm production ahead of anticipated increases in product demand
Example: It is also unclear how long it will take the NCLT judges to ramp up their understanding of the specialised bankruptcy environment that allows them to handle the cases in an expedient and fair way.

14. Expedient: उचित 

Convenient, appropriate, justified, befitting, worthwhile
Example: It is also unclear how long it will take the NCLT judges to ramp up their understanding of the specialised bankruptcy environment that allows them to handle the cases in an expedient and fair way.

15. Lucrative: लाभदायक 

Profitable, advantageous, seminal, fruitful, lucrative, gainful
Example: International access to the AI network is the most lucrative aspect of this deal for IndiGo.

16. Attrition: न्यूनता 

 A reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength, a gradual reduction in work force without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced
Example: It is not surprising that IndiGo has a zero attrition rate.

17. Acquisitions: अभिग्रहण 

An asset or object bought or obtained, accession, purchase, addition
Example: More than the financial management, it is people management and cultural integration that have proved to be the toughest aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

18. Exacerbate: ख़राब करना 

Deform, impair, damage, foozle, nip, make worse
Example: The growing pressures on water exacerbated by climate change and rising demand make this an important sector.

19. Augment: बढ़ाना 

Increase, amplify, magnify, raise, elongate
Example: The $40-million bilateral technology innovation fund in industrial development will help augment R&D and create a framework for partnership by Indian and Israeli.

20. Lacunae: कमी 

an unfilled space, a gap, lack, reduction, decrease, shortage, deficiency, scarcity
Example: The lacunae in India’s cyber defences should be a priority area of joint research.
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