Current Affairs Quiz: 19 August 2017

1. World Humanitarian Day is observed on
a. 17 August
b. 20 August
c. 18 August
d. 19 August

2. MyFASTag and FASTag Partner applications are launched by
a. National Highways Authority of India
b. Financial system and monetary Policy Authority of India
c. Inland Waterways Authority of India
d. Securities and Exchange Board of India

3. Which of the following country is not a part of G-7 group of nations
a. Japan
b. China
c. Canada
d. France

4. Who topped the Fortune's 2017 '40 Under 40' annual list of 40 young and influential people in the field of business?
a. Emmanuel Macron
b. Leo Varadkar
c. Daniel Ek
d. Kavin Hart

5. Which of the following letter will be inset in the number panels of new 50 Rs, notes issued by RBI?
a. R
c. L
d. None


1. d. 19 August
2. a. National Highways Authority of India
3. b. China
4. a. Emmanuel Macron
5. d. None


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