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Current Affairs Quiz: 30 August 2017

Published on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

1. International Day against Nuclear Tests is observed on
a. August 28
b. August 29
c. August 27
d. August 26

2. Rajasthan’s first six-lane cable stayed (CS) bridge is situated on which river?
a. Chambal
b. Luni
c. Kali Sindh
d. Gomati

3. 'Arogya Bhagya scheme is launched by which state?a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Odisha
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Karnataka

4. Which of the following rice has got the geographical indication (GI) status?
a. Gobindobhog rice
b. Raja Hansa Rice
c. Tulaipanji
d. Jay Shriram

5. Indian Ocean Conference 2017 will be held in
a. Dambulla
b. Dehiwala
c. Colombo
d. Ratnapura

6. The International Atomic Energy Agency has opened its uranium bank in
a. Kazakhstan
b. Kyrgyzstan
c. Tajikistan
d. Uzbekistan

7. Who became the youngest winner of an ITTF men's singles tournament in the Czech Open 2017?
a. Tomokazini Harimotu
b. Tomokazu Harimoto
c. Tomakazu Harimotu
d. None of the above

8. Who won the UEFA Women Player of the year 2017 title?

a. Toni Duggan
b. Carli Llyod
c. Kim Little
d. Lieke Martens

9. Who is the chairman of Small Industries Development Bank of India?
a. Mohammad Mustafa
b. Mohammad Mushtaq
c. Mohammad Manzoor
d. Mohammad Murtaza

10. Ahmed Khan who has recently passed away belonged to India's gold winning _________ team at the first Asian Games in 1951?
a. Boxing
b. Wrestling
c. Football
d. Hockey


1. b. August 29
2. a. Chambal
3. d. Karnataka
4. a. Gobindobhog rice
5. c. Colombo
6. a. Kazakhstan
7. Tomokazu Harimoto
8. d. Lieke Martens
9. a. Mohammad Mustafa
10. c. Football
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