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High Level Puzzle For IBPS PO Part- 12

High Level Puzzle For IBPS PO Part- 12

Direction(Q.1-5): Seven friends- Riya, Reena, Ritu, Rekha, Radhika, Radha, Reema are going to seven cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Agra, Nainital, Hyderabad and Indore on different seven days of weeks starting from Monday to Sunday. Each of them likes seven different colours viz. Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow and Violate. But not necessary in the same order.
Reema is going to Nainital on Wednesday but likes neither Blue nor Green. The one who likes Green colour is going to Banglour. Rekha is going on Monday. Riya likes Red colour. The one who is going to Agra on Tuesday does not like Red colour. Reena likes Blue colour. Radha is going to Indore on Sunday. Radhika neither is going to Agra nor likes Green colour. Ritu likes either Orange or Violate colour. The one who likes Violet colour is going to Hydrabad. Radha does not like Purple colour. Riya is going to Delhi on Thursday. Radhika is not going on Saturday.

Question .1 

In which of the following day is Radhika going on?
A. Tuesday
B. Friday
C. Thursday
D. Wednesday
E. None of these
Ans. B.

Question .2 

The one who likes Purple is going which of the city?
A. Nainital
B. Agra
C. Delhi
D. Indore
E. None of these
Ans. A.

Question .3 

Which of the following is definitely true?
A. Riya-Delhi-Red-Tuesday
B. Reena-Saturday-Mumbai-Orange
C. Rekha-Banglour-Monday-Green
D. Radha-Indore-Hydrabad-Saturday
E. None of these
Ans. C.

Question .4 

Who likes Orange colour?
A. Riya
B. Reema
C. Radha
D. Ritu
E. None of these
Ans. D.

Question .5 

Which of the following is going to Mumbai?
A. Ritu
B. Reena
C. Rekha
D. Reema
E. None of these
Ans. B.

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