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Idioms & Phrases From The Hindu: 22-08-2017

Published on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1: Roll out

Meaning: to offer a new product or service to the public
Example: Driving down India’s national highways could be a much safer experience by the end of this year, with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) set to roll out an ‘incident management system’.

2: Shot back

Meaning: Return quickly
Example: The Congress shot back with Mr. Gandhi suggesting that the Chief Minister should resign for the controversial deaths of the children in the hospital.

3: Slipped back

Meaning: to move quietly and cautiously back to someone or something
Example: Lieutenant Governor (L-G) Kiran Bedi on Friday slipped back into her erstwhile role of a cop by riding pillion with her staff on a midnight motorbike inspection of the streets of Puducherry.

4: Under fire

Meaning: being criticized
Example: Under fire for the deaths of more than 100 children in the BRD Medical College hospital, Mr. Adityanath launched a week-long cleanliness drive in UP — Swachh Uttar Pradesh, Swaasth Uttar Pradesh

5: Fired up

Meaning: to motivate someone; to make someone enthusiastic
Example: I was so fired up with a nationalistic fervour that I whipped out my smartphone and took a video of myself taking the ‘Sankalp se Siddhi’ (achievement through resolve) pledge.

6: Whipped out

Meaning: To make or produce something quickly
Example: I was so fired up with a nationalistic fervour that I whipped out my smartphone and took a video of myself taking the ‘Sankalp se Siddhi’ (achievement through resolve) pledge.

7: Showed up

Meaning: To cause or allow to be seen; display
Example: The inexperience of two young Gujarat players Udit Kamdar and Fenil Shah showed up at inopportune times and allowed the Grandmaster duo of Swapnil Dhopade and Himanshu Sharma escape to hard-earned victories in the ninth round of the National Challengers chess championship here on Saturday.

8: Lays down

Meaning: to state officially what someone must do or how they must do it, to give up, establish
Example: The EU has laid down tough standards for water quality

9: Tumbled out

Meaning: to fall, topple, or drop out of something, arise
Example: Akash Saharan tumbled out first in the trap final in the Junior shotgun World Cup here on Friday.He qualified for the final with the score of 114

10: Wriggle out

Meaning: to free oneself from something by turning or twisting the body with sinuous writhing motions
Example: With 13 points, Chaudhari was the best raider in action and his ability to wriggle out of tough situations played a big role in his team’s victory

11: Squares off

Meaning: to get ready for an argument or a fight
Example: The Tests clinched without much of a strain, India will begin the journey to identify the core of its 2019 World Cup squad when it squares off against a low-on-confidence Sri Lanka in a five-match ODI series, starting here on Sunday

12: Peg back

Meaning: to prevent an opponent from winning in a game or competition
Example: The underdogs were pegged back by United after that had taken a shock lead.

13: Blessing in disguise

Meaning: an apparent misfortune that eventually has good results.
Example: Losing that job was a blessing in disguise really.
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