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Learn Vocabulary Using Root Words: Day 13

Published on Friday, August 04, 2017
In this article we learn how we can improve our vocabulary easily by developing tricks. We make use of a technique known as ETYMOLOGY.
Etymon (roots) + logy (study of) = etymology
Review of Etymology:
Words denoting kinds of Government
Prefix, Root, Suffix Meaning
a- Not, without
Arch- Ruler
Aristos- The lords or noble people
Kratos- Rule
Auto- Self
Demo- People
Gerentos- Old people
Kakistos- Worst people
Neo- new, inexperienced officials
Ochlo- Mob or a large crowd of people
Pan- All
Pluto- Rich or wealth
Mono- One or alone
Theos- God
Bereau- Officials
-Nomy Custom or law

Trick to learn words:

  • Absence of Government = a (not) + arch (rule) = Anarchy
  • Government by the nobles/lords = Aristos (nobles) + kratos (rule) = Aristocracy
  • Government by one person = Auto (self) + kratos (rule) = Autocracy
  • The right of self- Government = Auto (self) + nomy (custom or law) = Autonomy
  • Government run by officials = bureau (officials) + kratos (rule) = Bureaucracy
  • Government by the people = demo (people) + kratos (rule) = Democracy
  • Government by old people = gerontos (old people) + kratos (rule) = Gerontocracy
  • Government by worst citizen = kakistos (worst people) + kratos (rule) = Kakistocracy
  • Government by the inexperienced persons = Neo (inexperienced) + kratos (rule)= Neocracy
  • Government by mob = ochlos (mob) + kratos (rule) = Ochlocracy
  • Government by few persons = oligos (few peoples) + arch(rule) = Oligarchy
  • Government run Universally = pan (all) + arch(rule) = Panarchy
  • Government by a king/queen = monos (one) + arch (rule) = Monarchy
  • Government by the Gods = theos (god) + arch (rule) = Thearchy
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