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Tricks To Learn Tributaries of Indian Rivers

Published on Friday, August 25, 2017
Tricks To Learn Tributaries of Indian Rivers

In this article, we learn how to remember Tributaries of Rivers of India easily by developing tricks
Try to read the tricks multiple times in order not to forget.

TRICK 1: Ganga tributaries

Yamuna and Ramganga said that Damodar and Koshi are the sons of Gomti and Ghaghara.
Yamuna – Yamuna
Ramganga – ramganga
Damodar – damodar
Koshi – koshi
Sons – son
Gomti – gomti
Ghaghara - ghaghara
River name Tributaries
Ganga Yamuna, ramganga, damodar, koshi, son, gomti and Ghaghara

TRICK 2: Yamuna tributaries

Hindon ne Chambal ke team me sindu par bet kiya
Hindon – hindon
Chambal – Chambal
Sindu – sind
Bet – betwa
Kiya - ken
River name Tributaries
Yamuna Hindon,Chambal, sind, betwa,ken

TRICK 3: Narmada tributaries

Hiran ne tawa(pan) burn karke shar aur shakkar se banjar banaya
Hiran – hiran
Tawa – tawa
Burn – burhner
Shar – shar
Shakkar – shakkar
Banjar - banjar
River name Tributaries
Narmada Hiran, tawa, burhner, shar, shakkar, banjar

TRICK 4: Godavari tributaries

Bindu,Indra and sabari had a war with pen whose men sacrificed their lives had never gone in vain
Indra – indravathi
Sabari – sabari
War – wardha
Pen – Penganga
Men - manjira
Vain - wainganga
River name Tributaries
Godavari Bindusara, Indravathi, sabari, wardha, penganga, manjira and wainganga

TRICK 5: tapti tributaries

Aruna and Purna went to Gir forest at wagha border where tiger hit them with (Panza)
Aruna – Arunavathi
Purna – purna
Gir – girna
Wagha – waghur
Panza - panzara
River name Tributaries
Tapti Arunavati, purna, girna, waghur, panzara

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