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Vocabulary from Economic Times: 8 August 2017

Published on Tuesday, August 08, 2017

1. Rejig: बदलाव 

Organize (something) differently; rearrange; a reorganization
Example: The organizers scrambled frantically to rejig schedules.

2. Surmise: अंदाज़ लगाना

 Suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it; guess, conjecture, suspect, deduce, infer
Example: This is a pure surmise on my part.

3. Churn: रिड़कना 

Shake (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter; stir, agitate, beat, whip, whisk
Example: Milk is churned to make butter.

4. Professed: तथाकथित/आत्म घोषित 

(Of a quality, feeling, or belief) claimed openly but often falsely; (Of a person) openly declared to be; so-called, alleged, self-acknowledged, self-confessed
Example: His professed rights of property are not agreed.

5. Meritocracy: प्रतिभा 

A society governed by people selected according to merit
Example: Britain is a meritocracy, and everyone with skill and imagination may aspire to reach the highest level.

6. Disgruntlement: असंतोष 

A feeling of sulky discontent
Example: We don't really worry about internal issues, employee disgruntlement or things like that.

7. Moribund: अन्त के करीब 

(Of a person) at the point of death; (Of a thing) in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigour; dying, expiring, declining, waning
Example: You are really coming to moribund.

8. Patron: संरक्षक 

A person who gives financial or other support to a person, organization, or cause
Example: Suresh Kalmadi was appointed lifetime patron of Indian Olympic Association.

9. Edifice: भवन 

A large, imposing building; structure, construction
Example: Louvre museum in France is an edifice of the sixteenth century.

10. Deceptive: कपटपूर्ण/भ्रामक 

Giving an appearance or impression different from the true one; misleading, illusive, ambiguous, delusive
Example: Her looks were quite deceptive compared to her behaviour.

11. Meddle: दखल देना 

Interfere in something that is not one's concern; interfere, butt in, intrude, intervene, poke
Example: Don’t meddle in my affairs!

12. Tenuous: पतला/ महीन 

Very weak or slight; weak, fragile, flimsy, negligible
Example: It is a tenuous creeper and it needs a support.

13. Fickleness: अविश्वसनीयता/ चंचलता 

Changeability, especially as regards one's loyalties or affections; capriciousness, variability, volatility
Example: Fickleness of a woman is well established.

14. Coup: आकस्मिक शासन परिवर्तन 

A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government
Example: The Prime Minister was afraid of a military coup.

15. Banish: निकाल देना 

Send (someone) away from a country or place as an official punishment; exile, expel, deport, eject
Example: The revolutionary poet was banished from his country for life.

16. Impunity: दण्डमुक्ति 

Exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action; immunity, indemnity, freedom from punishment
Example: You cannot break the law with impunity.

17. Blitz: आक्रमण होना 

An intensive or sudden military attack; bombardment, bombing, onslaught
Example: The blitz began on 7 September 1940 with a 10-hour raid on London, signalling the start of the bombing campaign after many isolated raids.

18. Fidelity: वफ़ादारी 

Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support; loyalty, allegiance, obedience
Example: His fidelity to liberal ideals.

19. Chaperone: संरक्षक/ सहचरी 

A person who accompanies and looks after another person or group of people; companion, duenna, escort
Example: Without police chaperones, organizers were worried for participants' safety.

20. Ubiquitous: सर्वव्यापी 

Present, appearing, or found everywhere; omnipresent, ever-present, everywhere, all-over
Example: In our new Bollywood movies, group dances have become ubiquitous but we miss the solo performances that used to be popular in earlier times.
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