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Sources of Indian Constitution- Tricks To Learn

In this article, we learn how to remember sources of Indian Constitution easily by developing some tricks.
Introduction of the Topic is Preamble (US). The Constitution of following countries is the source of Indian Constitution.

Trick 1:

Freedom (Liberty, equality and Fraternity) – France
France Republic and the ideals of Liberty, equality and Fraternity in the preamble.

Trick 2:

Judiciary and Judicial related terms are taken from US
US Judicial Review and Independence of Judiciary.

Trick 3:

Britain Parliamentary Government, rule of Law, Law making Procedure.

Trick 4:

Vice-President in US and President in Ireland
US Vice-President
Ireland President

Trick 5:

USSR-Duties were US Rights removed by Germany
USSR Fundamental Duties
US Fundamental Rights
Germany Suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency.

Trick 6:

Canada is centre of Jurisdiction
Canada Federation with a Strong Centre, Residuary Powers with Centre, appointment of State Governors by the centre, advisory jurisdiction of the supreme court.

Trick 7:

  • Nomination of members of Rajyasabha – Ireland
  • Election of members of Rajyasabha – South Africa
Ireland Nomination of members in the Rajyasabha
South Africa Election to the Rajyasabha members

Trick 8:

  • Preamble – US
  • Preamble Language – Australia

Trick 9:

Bicameral cabinet with CAG citizenship
Britain Bicameralism, Cabinet system, Office of the CAG, single citizenship.
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