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Coding-Decoding Questions For IBPS RRB Mains

Published on Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

In a certain code language

  • “Picasa is good app” is written as “%S2 @A6 *P3 #D4”
  • “Google launched new phone” is written as “@E5 $D8 &W3 #E6”
  • “Pooja likes advanced JAVA” is written as “@A5 !A4 $S5 *D8”
  • “Jimmy reads iconic newspaper” is written as “%C6 !Y5 &R9 ~S5”
1) The code for word JAVA is?
A. !A4
B. @A5
C. %C6
D. *D8
E. $S5

2) The code “%C6” denote which of the following word?
A. Reads
B. Jimmy
C. Iconic
D. Newspaper
E. None of these

3) According to the given code word, what will be the code for “Jimmy Launched new app”?
A. ~S5 $S5 &W3 #D4
B. !Y5 *P3 $D8 &W3
C. #E6 %C6 $D8 %S2
D. Can not determined
E. None of these

4) Which of the following code represents the word “Picasa”?
A. #D4
B. @A6
C. *P3
D. Either #D4 or @A6
E. None of these

5) The code “*D8” denote which of the following word?
A. Likes
C. Pooja
D. Advanced
E. None of these


1) (A) !A4
2) (C) Iconic
3) (B) !Y5 *P3 $D8 &W3
4) (B) @A6
5) (D) Advanced

1) Picasa is good app => @A6 %S2 #D4 *P3
2) Google launched new phone => #E6 $D8 &W3 @E5
3) Pooja likes advanced JAVA => @A5 $S5 *D8 !A4
4) Jimmy reads iconic newspaper => !Y5 ~S5 %C6 &R9

 1) First element is the symbol which is fixed for each first letter of the word (shown is above table)
2) Middle element is a letter which is last letter of the word
3) Last element of the code shows a number that represents the number of letter in the word.
For example:
Picasa will be written as “@A6” where
@ => represents a symbol
A => represents the last letter of the word Picasa
6 => represents the number of letter in that word
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