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Expected Seating Arrangement For IBPS RRB Mains

Direction: There are nine persons Shakti, Suman, Rani, Rakesh, Sakshi, Rajni, Sandhya, Raghu and Raman. Three of them are facing outside of the table while others are facing inside of the table but not necessarily in the same order.
  • Shakti sits sixth to the left of Rani and not an immediate neighbor of Raman.
  • Sandhya sits third to the left of Sakshi.
  • Raghu sits third to the left of Rakesh who is not facing inside of the table.
  • Rani sits fourth to the left of Raman and an immediate neighbor of Raghu.
  • Sakshi sits fourth to the right of Rajni who faces outside.
  • There are only two persons between Raman and Raghu.
Q.1 Who among the following person sits second to the right of Rani?
a. Shakti
b. Suman
c. Rajni
d. Rakesh
e. None of these

Q.2 Who among the following person sits between Sandhya and Rajni?
a. Shakti
b. Rani
c. Raman
d. Raghu
e. Suman
Q.3 How many persons sit between Shakti and Raghu?
a. Four
b. Five
c. Three
d. Either A or B
e. Either A or C
Q.4 Who among the following person is an immediate neighbor of Suman?
a. Rakesh
b. Rajni
c. Rani
d. Raman
e. None of these

Q.5 Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which of the one that does not belong to that group?
a. Shakti
b. Raghu
c. Suman
d. Rani
e. Sakshi

Answers and Explanation

1. Ans. D.
2. Ans. C.
3. Ans. E.
4. Ans. B.
5.  Ans. D.
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