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How I Cracked SBI PO

Published on Saturday, October 28, 2017


Hello everyone, This is Abdul Rafi Budigi-SBI PO.  Sounds very nice but behind sound this there is many years of waiting and a lot of struggles. This is not a success story but some words which define my journey to reach success.
I completed my in EEE in the year 2014. From then I started my preparation for bank exams. Finally took 3long years to become a Public servant. This journey is not at all an easy one for me , there is lot of pressure from everyone that am sitting idle saying that is preparing, many words that a boy should be at home he should do some job and earn money and much more advises.  Here I should thank my mother the only person who motivated me towards a good job, who always encouraged me, who believed me that one day I turn her dream into reality. I would like to mention something,  A situation may come that no one will believe you, support you, encourage you but the only one thing which will be with you is your dream, your goal, your destiny. Remember self-motivation is the very essential thing for every aspirant who is preparing for the competitive exams. Talk to yourself, analyze yourself. 

Exams Attempted

What I learned in this journey is SELF-STRUCTURING is the most important thing in everyone’s life because no one in this world is having that much free time to Design a beautiful for you. You should be your architect and know how to plan and build your life. 
The number of exams I attempted: 
  1. Ibps rrb -2014
  2. Ibps PO-2014
  3. Ibps clerk-2014
  4. Ibps rrb -2015
  5. Ibps PO-2015
  6. Ibps clerk-2015
  7. Ibps rrb -2016
  8. Ibps PO-2016
  9. Ibps clerk-2016
  10. Sbi PO-2015
  11. Sbi PO-2016
  12. Sbi clerk-2014
  13. Sbi clerk-
  14. BOB PGDM-2015,16
  15. Andhra Bank- 2015
  16. Lic AAO-2015
  17.  NIACL AO
  18.  UIIC AO
  19. RBI GRADE-B-2014,2015
  20. RBI Assistant - 2015
  21.  Syndicate PGDM 
  22.  Telangana coop bank
And many more…. This may look like the list of exams conducted in the banking sector but I attempted all these exams.  In 99%  of the exams, I cleared prelims and lost in mains by a very narrow margin like 0.25,0.5,0.75, 1 mark. Remember when you decided to run in a running race you should never stop or leave in the middle the race by claiming failures you faced. If once entered into the race then you should be in a mood to achieve but not search reasons or excuses.

In this long journey, I faced many problems related financial, personal, family and much more. Sometimes a situation may come that one should work for one's livelihood or family situation may demand monetary support form you Which I have come across. Even in this case, I followed my dream, I selected a job which can help to get my dream job. I  joined as a reasoning faculty for bank and SSC exams at coaching institutes in Hyderabad.
It is very hard to manage both things because just focusing on Reasoning subject(as I need to teach ) decreased my speed in Quantitative aptitude.  After all these hurdles finally I selected as SBI PO.
Very interesting thing I witnessed the transition of the Bank exams from the easy level to the Toughest level. But am unable to crack the exam when it was easy and when there are thousands of vacancies. let us have a look regarding the change in the number of vacancies over the years ( Just a rough analysis.)
In 2014 number of vacancies in IBPS PO- 2014 – 16000 posts 
In 2015 number of vacancies in IBPS PO -2015- 12000 posts
In 2015 number of vacancies in IBPS PO- 2016-8800 posts
All the above-mentioned vacancies are not 100% sure but the trend is that the number of vacancies are being decreased. My intention is not to discourage or to de-motivate the aspirants but just observe that Even though the number of vacancies are being decreased don’t lose hope or quit. I would quote myself as the best example to get the job in a notification having less number of vacancies who also travelled or attempted through the major notifications but failed.
(Practice + Accuracy +  Perfection + Speed) - (Hurry+Tension+Stress+Negativity)= Success
This is success formula.
In this journey, I learned some things which I shared below. These might be useful for the aspirants.

Quantitative Aptitude: 

  • This section is one of the scoring sections for many aspirants. 
  • Regular practice is required for this section till one reaches a threshold level and till one gets the complete understanding of the concepts.  
  • Regular practice of Data interpretation, simplifications, quadratic equations saves your time in the exam as these appear regulars with different permutations.
  • Never mess up with too many shortcuts for topics like time-work, time-distance, simple & compound interest etc.., Days has gone that simply by remembering the concepts one can crack the questions. Having a Good conceptual knowledge solves the problems even faster than shortcut.
  • Try to link topics like Time and work, Time and Distance, Alligations and mixtures etc..,  with PERCENTAGE, RATIO which reduces difficulty level as well as time to solve the problem.
  • Give ample importance to Data-Sufficiency. Advantage here is no new topics or concepts need to be mastered. 


  • Reasoning is the favourite for most of the aspirants because of its easiness but this section slowly increased its difficulty level. 
  • Reasoning is easy to score only if the aspirant is done with all types and models .
  • One should be familiar with all the types and patterns of the Seating arrangement and Puzzles.
  • Be with an open mind while you solve reasoning .Think of all possibilities.


  • The most frustrating topic for the candidates.  My strategy in English is more than grammar rules I do reading comprehension, cloze test, sentence rearrangement. 
  • My suggestion is practice reading comprehension regularly. This increases WPM-Words per minute . For reading comprehension, there are two strategies.
  • Passage to Question: Once read the comprehension completely and then start answering the question. 
  • Question to Passage: Skim the questions so that one can get the sense of the passage so that the required answer can be identified while reading the passage.
  • I recommend aspirants try these two approaches for a couple of passages so that one can analyze their comfort level for different formats so that it simplifies the task in exam.

General Awareness

General awareness/Banking /Current Affairs: In today’s exam pattern General Awareness can decide your final selection. In SBI PO-2017 General Awareness is the deciding factor for the final selection, the one who scored more in this section and with moderate marks in all other sections including Personal interview & GD placed as SBI PO.

My preparation strategy for General Awareness is
  • Static G.K
  • Banking Awareness
  • Banking Current affairs
  • General Current Affairs.
I followed this order while preparing. 

****All The Best***

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