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IBPS PO Pre Exam Analysis - 07th October 2017

Published on Saturday, October 07, 2017
Dear Readers
The first shift of IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2017 which is held on today is over now. All of you hoping to get through the Prelims exam to get a ticket to Mains.

As per the information that we gained from the students, the exam was not too difficult to attempt. Questions were easy to moderate and thus candidates were able to attempt a good number of questions.

According to us, the ideal attempt for this exam would be  65-66

This exam was basically cover three topics: English, Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude.  Total 100 questions were given to be solved in one hour. Here is the exam analysis of Slot I

Sections Ideal Attempts
English 22-23
Reasoning 21-22
Quantitative Aptitude  22-23
Total Attemps65-66

English (Easy-Moderate)

We didn't see anything new in this section. Reading comprehensions were longer than usual.

English Questions
TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Reading Comprehension10Easy- Moderate
Sentence improvement10Easy
Error detection10Easy- Moderate
Total30Easy- Moderate

 Reasoning (Easy-Moderate)

Day based puzzle was difficult.

Reasoning Ability Question
TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
(Day based, month based-tricky)
Sitting Arrangement
(line based sitting arrangement facing north, floor-based)
Order and ranking1Easy

 Quantitative Aptitude (Easy-Moderate)

Approximation questions were the easiest part of this section.

Quantitative Aptitude Question
Topic No. of Questions Level
Approximation 6 Easy
Data Interpretation  12 Moderate
Missing series 5 Easy
Profit and loss 1 Easy
Ratio and proportions 1 Easy
Boats and streams 1 Easy
Problems based on ages 1 Easy
Time and Work 1 Easy
Discount 1 Easy
Miscellaneous 2 Easy
Miscellaneous 4 Easy
Total 35 Easy-Moderate

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Number Series Questions Asked In 1st Slot:
Ques 1. 17,98,26,89,35,?
Ques 2. 2,17,89,359,1079,?
Ques 3. 3,5,15,45,113,?
Ques 4. 7,4.5,5.5,12,49,?
Ques 5. 3240,540,108,27,?,4.5

1) Difference between numbers : 81, -72, 63, 54
9*9, 9*8, 9*7, 9*6..

2) Differenece between numbers:
*6+5, *5+4, *4+3, *3+2..
3) Difference between numbers:
1^3+1, 2^3+2, 3^3+3....

4) Difference between numbers: 
*0.5+1, *1+1, *2+1...

5) Difference between numbers: 
*6, *5, *4, *3.....

We will update this page as we get more information.
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