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English Language Course for Bank Exams

Published on Thursday, November 22, 2018
English Language Course is a minutely-structured course to render the panoramic insight of English Language topics by the means of Video Lectures, Printable Notes and Worksheets with detailed solutions. The course covers the vast variety of important topics commencing with English Grammar which is the most significant and unavoidable section to learn the language. Along with the grammar, we endeavour to prepare you for the exams like RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, and Clerk.

The following table explains the chapters we already added in the course and the chapters to be covered in near future.

Vocabulary Made Easy

The PDF contains 10 words from The Hindu newspaper with the graphic explanation, meaning, example and synonyms. This is printable and a quiz of 5 to 10 questions is incorporated with every PDF for practice. So far, we have covered Vocabulary Made Easy up to 14 Days.

250 Idioms Made Easy

The PDF contains 10 Idioms with the graphic explanation, meaning, and example. This is printable and a quiz of 5 to 10 questions is incorporated with every PDF for practice. So far, we have covered 100 Idioms. A video lecture for the same topic will be provided for the same along with the practice questions important from the point of view of various exams. 

Important PDFs

In this section, you will get all the important PDFs to have a strong grasp of the language. This section already have three important PDFs:
  • Root Words Made Easy I
  • Root Words Made Easy II
  • 1000 English Language Verbs ( Base Form- Past Form- Past Participle Form)
  • Important Abstract Noun PDF

English Grammar Lessons

This section covers every little detail of Grammar Topics related to the English Language. Each topic is explained in detail in Video Lecture followed by Practice Quiz and PDFs related to the topics. This section is updated with 3 videos every week. 

Reading Comprehension: 

This section is considered to most difficult and also an integral part of all banking competitive exams. To make it easy for you, we will provide you with video lectures ranging from easy Reading Comprehension Passage to High-Level Passages along with practice sets to brush up your learning and enhance your skills.

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Error Spotting: 

This section will cover a variety of error spotting questions starting with error spotting questions based on grammar topics. Levels to be covered here will be Easy-Moderate-Difficult. Each video lesson will have at least 20 questions along with 10 practice questions for the learners. In addition to the above-mentioned topics, the course covers topics like Cloze Tests, Descriptive Paper, Phrase Replacement, Sentence Improvement, Sentence Completion, Sentence Rearrangement.

Vocabulary Made Easy-PDF+Quiz Day 1 to Day 20
250 Idioms Made Easy PDF Day 1 to Day 21- PDF
11 Videos Uploaded
Important PDFs
  • Root Words Made Easy I
  • Root Words Made Easy II
  • 1000 English Language Verbs ( Base Form- Past Form- Past Participle Form)
  • Important Abstract Noun PDF
Phrasal Verbs Made Easy PDF 1 Uploaded
PDF 2 Uploaded
PDF 3 Uploaded
PDF 4 Uploaded
PDF 5 Uploaded
PDF 6 Uploaded
PDF 7 Uploaded
PDF 8 Uploaded
English Grammar Topics
  • Nouns- Video+ PDF+Quiz
  • Pronoun- Video+ PDF+Quiz
  • Verb- Video+ PDF+Quiz
  • Adjectives- Vide
  • Adverb- Video
  • Preposition- Video
  • Conjunctions and Interjection- Video
  • Parts of Speech: Worksheet
  • Tense 1: Simple Tenses
  • Tenses II: Continuous Tenses
  • Tenses III: Perfect Tenses
  • Tenses IV: Perfect Continuous Tenses
  • Tenses Worksheet
  • Tenses Made Easy: Hindi
Reading Comprehension8 Video lectures
Error Spotting 12 Video Lectures
Descriptive English
  • Descriptive English Guide
  • Descriptive Test Evaluation
  • Important Words to Include in Essay

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is this a paid course?
Ans: Yes, It is a paid course. The course fee is Rs.1499
Ques 2. What will I get in this course?
Ans: You will get a video lecture daily along with a practice test PDF and 10 Vocabulary Words.
Ques 3. Will this help me to score well in English?
Ans: Yes, definitely.
Ques 4: How will you check my test?
Ans: There is a review section in our App and website: where we can submit the reviewed tests.
Ques 5: What will be the duration of each video?
Ans: Half hour to one hour
Ques 6: How can I contact you?
Ans: Contact number 9914968671 and email id: or

Ques 8: What will be the validity of the course?
Ans: The validity of the course is 1 year
Ques 9: How can I enrol in the course?
Ans: After the confirmation of the payment for the course, we will send you the login ID and password to access your course.
Ques 10: Are the videos already available in the course?
Ans: Yes!! But the videos are locked and one video will open every day as per the above-written schedule.
Ques 12: Is this course beneficial for the school and college students who aspire to step into banking industry?
Ans: Yes, this course is suitable for all students who are weak in English.
Ques 13: Is this course in Hindi or English?
Ans: As the course is related to English, the medium of teaching will be teaching.
Ques 14: Is there any sample video?
Ans: Yes Free Sample content and Videos are available

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