60 Days Basic to Advanced English Course

Hi Students,
The level of competition in banking and other competitive exams is becoming difficult day by day.

Nowadays, the exams are getting tougher and the number of vacancies is decreasing. Consequently, the number of failure students is increasing. But what we have observed so far, that main reason why students fail in the exam is the lack of knowledge of English.

Here we are introducing a 60-Day course where we will work to give you in-depth knowledge of English, helping you to learn the language. As the name suggests Basic to Advance, the course will begin with the basics and end with the advanced learning but the condition is you must have the zeal and enthusiasm to learn and practice.

Day 1
Introduction to English, Parts of English, Your Introduction
Introductory Essay on Your personality
Day 2
Noun and Its type
Find Nouns, Error Spotting Noun Based
Day 3
Pronouns and Types
Find Pronouns, Error Spotting Noun Based
Day 4
Verbs and Types
Find Verbs, Error Spotting Verb Based
Day 5
Adverbs and Types: Part 1
Find Adverbs, Error Spotting based on Adverb
Day 6
Adverbs and Types: Part 2
Day 7
Adjective and Types: Part 1
Find Adjectives, Error Spotting based on Adjective
Day 8
Adjective and Types: Part 2
Day 9
Error based on Punctuation
Day 10
Find Conjunctions and Error Spotting-Conjunction Based
Day 11
Find Preposition Error Spotting Based on Preposition
Day 12
Phrasal Verbs
Find Phrasal Verbs, Meaning of Phrasal Verb
Day 13
Test of the Above Topics/ Doubt Clearing Session
Day 14
Articles: Types and Usage
Test and Error Spotting
Day 15
Test and Error Spotting
Day 16
Test and Error Spotting
Day 17
Test and Error Spotting
Test and Error Spotting
Day 19
Test and Error Spotting
Day 20
Degree of Comparison
Test and Error Spotting
Day 21
Day 22
Tense: Part 1
Test and Error Spotting
Day 23
Tense: Part 2
Test and Error Spotting
Day 24
Tense: Part 3
Test and Error Spotting
Day 25
Day 26
Active Passive: Day 1
Day 27
Active Passive Day 2
Day 28
Active Passive Day 3
Day 29
Day 30
Narration: Day 1
Day 31
Narration Day 2
Day 32
Narration Day 3
Day 33
Day 34
Order of Words in Sentence
Test and Error Spotting
Day 35
Types of Sentences
Day 36
Interchange of Sentence
Day 37
Question Tags
Test and Error Spotting
Day 38
Removal of Too
Day 39
Combination of Sentences
Test and Error Spotting
Day 40
Emphatic Words
Day 41
Day 42
Transformation of Sentences
Day 43
Analysis of Sentences
Day 44
Transformation of Sentences II
Day 45
Conditional Sentences
Day 46
Day 47
Words often Confused
Day 48
250 Idioms made Easy
Day 49
100 Proverbs Made Easy
Day 50
100 Golden Rules: Error Spotting
Day 51
Rules: RC
Test + PDF
Day 52
Rules: Cloze Test
Test + PDF
Day 53
Rule and Sample: Essay Writing
Test + PDF
Day 54
Rules: Letter Writing
Test + PDF
Day 55
Rules: Precis Writing
Test + PDF
Day 56
Rules: Translation
Test + PDF
Day 57
Tips to Improve Spoken English
Day 58
Day 59
Final Discussion
Day 60
Final Day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Is this a paid course?
Ans: Yes, It is a paid course. Course fee is Rs.1999.

Ques 2. What will I get in this course?
Ans: You will get a video lecture daily along with a practice test PDF and 10 Vocabulary Words.

Ques 3. Will this help me to score well in English?
Ans: Yes, definitely.

Ques 4: How will you check my test?
Ans: There is a review section in our App and website: learn.bankexamstoday.com where we can submit the reviewed tests.

Ques 5: What will be the duration of each video?
Ans: Half hour to one hour

Ques 6: How can I contact you?
Ans: Contact number 9914968671 and email id: raman@bankexamstoday.com or yadavinsiya@gmail.com

Ques 7: Will there be any group discussion?
Ans: Yes we will make a whatsapp group for group discussion and doubts.

Ques 8: What will be the validity of the course?
Ans: The course will be a 60-day course but once added to the course, you can watch video and practice questions for one year. Thus the validity of the course is 1 year?

Ques 9: How can I enrol in the course?
Ans: After the confirmation of the payment for the course, we will send you the login ID and password to access your course.

Ques 10: Are the videos already available in the course?
Ans: Yes!! But the videos are locked and one video will open every day as per the above-written schedule.

Ques 11: Who will teach us?
Ans:The subject expert, will be your teacher here. 

Ques 12: Is this course beneficial for the school and college students who aspire to step into banking industry?
Ans: Yes, this course is suitable for all students who are weak in English.

Ques 13: Is this course in Hindi or English?
Ans: As the course is related to English, the medium of teaching will be teaching.

Ques 14: Is there any sample video?
Ans: No sample video is available.

You can ask your questions in the comment section or email us: raman@bankexamstoday.com, yadavinsiya@gmail.com

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