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Global Conference on Cyberspace: Highlights

Published on Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The GCCS is a distinguished global platform where industry experts, think tanks, policy makers, cyber wizards to contemplate on the challenges of maximum and best usage of the cyber space. The GCCS had begun with the prospect of globally accepted rules for the management of the cyberspace.


  • The first Global Conference on Cyberspace was held in London in 2011, the first edition of the conference attracted about 700 delegates globally who helped I setting up the regulations for the coming editions. 
  • The spectrum of the GCCS has enhanced in its consecutive editions. An institutional system GFCE (Global Forum on Cyber Expertise) was also set up to increase the capacity building. 
  • This year the conference was held on 23-24 November, 2017 in Aero City, New Delhi. 

GCCS 2017


The goal of GCCS2017 is to endorse an “Inclusive Cyber Space” with policies and framework being in spotlight for “inclusivity, sustainability, development, security, safety and freedom” technological partnership for holding “digital democracy” maximizing collusion for fortifying “security and safety” and encourage dialogue for “digital diplomacy”.


The objective of GCCS 2017 is to promote the gravity of comprehensiveness and human rights in Global Cyber Protocol to sustain and protect the present status, to create a political promise of enhancing the magnitude to acknowledge the political divide and help countries to develop solutions regarding security that they recognize the importance of private sector and technical territory 

Other Important Details

  • The GCCS 2017 being held in India is anticipated to be one of the largest international conferences on Cyberspace, with an expectation of attracting over 2000 delegation from more than 100 countries. A large chunk of the delegation about 40-50 (approx) are en route at Ministerial level. With them Industrialists, members of the civil society and academicians of various countries will also partake in the conference. 
  • India has emerged as one of the indispensable leader of the digital economy with more than 50% of market’s share in outsourcing. The world has believed in the transformational solutions developed by Indian Talent. 
  • Moreover, with the Digital India program Indian has relied on the technology enabled growth and also providing the world with a platform of innovation. The technology driven programs such as AADHAAR, MyGov, GeM, Digital Locker, UMANG, etc represent the face of technologically transformed India. Indian has been ranked as the third largest hub for Start ups which has given a global recognition to the Indian Entrepreneurship spirit. 
  • The GCCS 2017 is a juncture that showcases the world about the technological transformations engineered in India, not only this, the participants can also have the insights of the issues, challenges faced through case studies and exchange of the knowledge through experts. All the information collected will be converted in to resources through country statements, white papers. 
  • THEME of GCCS 2017 was: “Cyber4All: A Secure and Inclusive Cyberspace for Sustainable Development.” 
  • GCCS 2017 Logo: “Bindu: A sacred symbol of cosmos, signifies the point or the source of energy: center for creation or existence progressing towards forms and colors as well as energy, sound, space and time.”
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