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Statement and Assumption Questions

Published on Wednesday, November 08, 2017
statement and assumptions

Question 1.

Mrs Liba was staying at one of the finest resorts in a foreign land. It was quite a posh hotel with sophisticated guests checking in at the hotel. On one of the nights when she was staying there, she heard a knock on the door. As she opened, a strange man was standing there, but he quickly apologised to her for waking her up. He said that he mistook the room for his own and was sorry for disturbing her. Mrs Liba smiled and closed the room. Immediately afterwards, she called the
security and the man was caught and arrested.
What can you infer from the above statement?

(a) She was quite angry at the man disturbing her at odd hours and she wanted to teach him a lesson.
(b) Mrs Liba was scared that this man might be drunk because of which he forgot his own room and needed help.
(c) Mrs Liba thought why would he knock if he thought it was his own room so she called the security to check him.
(d) Mrs Liba did not like the way he looked and called the security to check him.
Ans. (C)

Question 2.

One of the top management companies recruits 10 new freshers directly from their internship program and forms a special appointment letter for all of them. It lays down rules that there is going to be 2 months of training followed by 6 months of probation period. The confirmation letter will be given after one year and if the employee leaves during this time period, he would have to pay a heavy amount as a penalty to the company. The employees would be eligible for a promotion only
after one year, that is, after their confirmation.
What is the assumption made by the above company before drawing such an offer letter for the newly appointed?
(a) The company is suffering from high attrition.
(b) It wants to tell the youngsters what it means to work in a big company
(c) It is insecure about the high-quality education these recruits have.
(d) It wants the employees to be the cream of the industry
Ans. (A)

Question 3.

It is a well-known fact that when students listen to music while doing their homework, it helps them concentrate and get better scores.
Find the statement which strengthens the above argument.
(a) Music is a healer.
(b) They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so music with homework works best for concentration.
(c) Children doing this got 1st rank in their academics.
(d) Music helps in concentration and especially when the child is doing his work.
Ans. (C)

Question 4.

These days, new publishers have completely stopped using paper-which is made from trees-for publishing books. instead, they are more keen to deliver and have the books printed as eBooks, that is, post them online. Thinking on ecological terms and avoiding waste, they have turned to software copies rather than using and reusing paper
What is the conclusion drawn from the above statement?
(a) Internet posting is cheaper and takes lesser time than publishing on paper.
(b) Cutting of trees has a negative impact on the ecosystem.
(c) Recycled paper is also an option besides using new paper.
(d) The author is sensitive towards wastage and wants to control it.
Ans. (B)

Question 5.

The beauty industry has been doing a lot of good business at the time of inflation and recession in the Indian market. Besides beauty, even education and restaurant business are flourishing when other markets seem to be going down the drain. 
What can we infer from the above statement?
(a) During recession, people won't stop being beautiful, learning and eating.
(b) Every industry is unique in the market and recession does not affect every industry
(c) A low in the market would not stop people to take care of their personal choices.
(d) Special rebates are provided in the above industries which pose as exceptions. 
Ans. (A)

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