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Tips to Solve Difficult Reading Comprehension

Published on Tuesday, June 04, 2019
Tips to Solve Mains level Reading Comprehension

#1. Read questions first

  • Before reading the passage, it is advisable to read questions first. By reading questions first, you can get an idea of the passage and this also helps in locating answers while reading the passage. 

#2. Mark keywords

  • Mark keywords while reading questions. You can also note them down quickly on your rough sheet. The keywords save time in locating answers. 
  • For example, what are the major reasons for the degradation of the environment in cities? 
  • Keywords: Reasons, degradation and environment. 

#3. Skim the first paragraph and locate keywords

  • Skimming is quick reading to get an overall idea. Skim the first paragraph and check that whether the first paragraph contains an answer for any of the question. Generally, you can find an answer to the first question in the first paragraph but sometimes questions are shuffled and in this case, you can find a location of other questions in the first paragraph. So, solve the questions related to the first paragraph. You can even read the paragraph again to confirm your answer or to understand the context clearly. Similarly, move to the next paragraphs and solve questions related to them. 
  • Paragraph wise skimming is advisable as compared to skimming the whole passage. This is because time is limited to the exam and reading the whole passage first consumes a lot of time. Moreover, it can create confusion and you can even forget the location of keywords later. 

#4. Understand Context

  • Generally, the answer is the location of keywords but that does not mean that you will get correct answer just by reading those lines only. By reading just around keywords, you may find answers in the pre-exam but in mains level, understanding the context and tone of the passage are important. 

#5. Attempt reading comprehension at last

  • Sometimes other questions in the English section are easier as compared to reading passage as happened in IBPS PO Mains 2017. So, it is better to attempt those questions first. Moreover, while solving reading passage you need to stay calm and if you have not yet attempted other questions, then staying calm becomes difficult. Therefore, it is better to attempt other questions first so that you can attempt reading with a free mind. 

#6. Apply techniques in Mock tests first

  • Whatever techniques you have learned it is better to apply them first in the mock tests or practice sets. Through tests, you can experiment and check which method works best for you. Avoid trying new methods in the ex 

#7. Read articles related to Research and Economy

  • In Mains level examination, a passage is generally related to the economy, research etc. Develop a habit of reading the research and financial articles from newspapers or magazines. This can help you in the understanding passage in the exam quickly. 
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