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Tricks to Remember Official Languages of Countries

Published on Friday, December 29, 2017
Tricks to Remember Official Languages of Countries

Trick 1

  • Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Philippines, Uruguay 
  • Argentina hero Lionel Messi went to Colombia for his chill (Chile) vacation where he ordered Mexican cheese dominos (Dominican Republic) pizza and ice cube (Cuba) with Pepsi in Spanish language and gave the amount in peso currency. After that, he came back to hotel Uruguay and use his Philip (Philippines) charger 

Trick 2

Dinar = Arabic
  • Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Serbia, Sudan, Tunisia 
  • Jordan is suffering from Algeria disease because Jordan was waiting (Kuwait) in rain (Bahrain) for Tunisia at Libya centre. So doctors advised him to go Sudan and meet Dr. Iran (specialist in Algeria). In Sudan, Jordan exchanged his money into dinar and purchase an Arabic dictionary for a new word. 
Note: Serbia(use dinar)  language  Serbian 

Trick 3

  • Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Canada, Fiji, Guyana, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, USA, Taiwan, Singapore, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Vincent, Panama, New Zealand, Namibia 
  • Australian Lucia sing (Singapore) kit (Kitts) kat song in English at Bahamas beach in front of Americans and drink Appy Fiji. On the beach a Guy (Guyana) from Panama city watching the Cricket match between Zimbabwe and New Zealand, and also buying Vincent glass by paying dollars. 
  • Canadian Jamai (Jamaica) paying in dollars and speaking in English at Taiwan Bar (Barbados) 
Note: Namibia ⇒ language ⇒ German 

Trick 4

Euro= German
  • Austria, Belgium, Germany Luxemburg 
Many (Germany) Austrian use Lux (Luxemburg) bell (Belgium) 

Trick 5

  • Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco 
Marino does not eat Idli (Italy) on Monday(Monaco) in Vatican city 

Trick 6

Krone = No Mark
  • No means Norway ⇒ language ⇒ Norwegian 
Mark means Denmark ⇒ language  Danish 

Trick 7

Rial= Arabic
  • Oman, Yemen, Iraq 
  • Man( Oman / Yemen) knows Arabic and spend in Rial 
Note: Iraq  language  Persian 

Trick 8

Won= Korean
  • South Korea, North Korea 
  • Two Korean sisters (south and north ) won Doda burfi 

Trick 9

Rupee =
  • Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Seychelles 
  • Country ⇒language 
  • Nepal ⇒ Nepali 
  • Pakistani⇒ Urdu 
  • Seychelles⇒Seychellois 
  • Sri Lanka ⇒Sinhala 
  • Mauritius⇒ English 
Note: Do Not Confuse between Rupee and Rupiah *Rupiah is currency of Indonesia 

Trick 10

Riyal= Arabic
  • Qatar, Saudi Arabia 
  • Catch Qatar flight from Saudi Arabia 

Trick 11

Dirham= Arabic
  • UAE, Morocco 

Trick 12

  • Cyprus, Egypt, Ireland, Lebanon, South Sudan, Syria, uk
Arabic (LES) English Greek
Egypt UK Cyprus
Lebanon South Sudan
Syria Ireland


Franc = French 
  • Burkina Faso, Belgium, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Comoros, Congo, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, France, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Togo, Switzerland 
  • Benin covers the news that 3 G (Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Guinea Bissau) services launched in Switzerland tie-up with Rwanda Tele co. with her camera (Cameroon) man Djibouti and Congo them for new services, using French translator called Togo. She also covers that a shop Chad selling beautiful Burka (Burkina Faso) in Mali. After a long day, Benin starts chilling out with Nigerian girl near Comoros and tasting Belgium Ice cream payment is done in the franc. 

Some other country:

CountryCurrency⇒ Language 1) China⇒ Yuan⇒ Mandarin
2) Japan⇒ yen⇒ Japanese
3) Russia⇒ Ruble⇒ Russian
4) Belarus⇒ Ruble⇒ Russian

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