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Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020(GTCI)

Published on Friday, January 22, 2021


  • The 7th edition of Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2020 was released by INSEAD, France in association with Google, and Addeco, a human resources company based out of Switzerland. It measures and ranks 132 countries based on their potential to grow, attract and retain talent and workforce. The report has been released in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


  • The gap between high income, talent-rich countries and the rest of the world is expanding.
  • More than half of the global population doesn't possess even basic digital skills.
  • Artificial Intelligence would play a very important role in emerging markets to evolve.
  • Proper re-skilling of the workforce is needed to cope up with the emergence of AI.

Top 10 countries in the GTCI 2020 and India’s Rank

Rank Country
1 Switzerland
3 Singapore
4 Sweden
5 Denmark
6 Netherlands
7 Finland
8 Luxembourg
9 Norway
10 Australia
72 India

Top 3 least ranked countries in the GTCI 2020:

Rank Country
130 Congo Dem. Rep.
131 Angola
132 Yemen

Top 10 cities in the GTCI 2020 & the rank of Indian Cities:

Rank City
1 New York
2 London
3 Singapore
4 San Francisco
5 Boston
6 Hong Kong
7 Paris
8 Tokyo
9 Los Angeles
10 Munich
66 Bengaluru
81 Mumbai
108 Hyderabad
118 Pune
120 Gurugram
125 Delhi
133 Kolkata

Top 3 least ranked cities in GTCI 2020:

Rank City
153 Lagos
154 Cairo
155 Karachi

India Specific Findings:

  • The GTCI score of India is 40.42
  • The performance of India in the index are listed below:
Rank Parameter
68 Formal Education
44 Growing Talent
40 Possibilities of Lifelong Learning
39 Access to Growth Opportunities
28 Employability
113 Mid-level skills
76 Vocational and Technical Skills
92 Talent Attraction
95 Talent Retention
104 Level of Internal Openness
115 Quality of life(lifestyle)
53 Sustainability


Q: 1. The first edition of Global Talent Competitiveness Index has been released in which year?
a. 2012
b. 2014
c. 2016
d. 2018
e. None of the above

Answer: b
The Global Talent Competitiveness Index was first launched in the year 2014. It measures and ranks countries based on their ability to grow, attract and retain talent and workforce.

Q: 2. How many Indian cities are ranked in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020?
a. 10
b. 8
c. 7
d. 6
e. 9

Answer: c
7 Indian cities have been ranked in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2020. They are: Bengaluru (66), Mumbai (81), Hyderabad (108), Pune (118), Gurugram (120), Delhi (125), and Kolkata (133).

Q: 3. What is the overall score of India in GTCI 2020?
a. 40.42
b. 41.23
c. 45.21
d. 42.42
e. None of the above

Answer: a
India has been ranked 72nd in the GTCI 2020, with an overall score of 40.42.

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