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9 Rules to be Successful in Every Interview

Published on Monday, January 29, 2018
9 Rules to be Successful in Every Interview

What is an Interview?

As Pauline V. young said, "An interview may be regarded as a systematic method by which a person enters more or less imaginatively into the inner life of a comparative stranger."
Interviewing is a particular form of communication in which you interact largely through a question- and- answer format to achieve a variety of specific goals and functions.
It is not enough to display your knowledge acquired from books, newspapers, and magazines during an interview.
The interview board assesses your personality for psychological traits and sociological qualities before it comes to the vital/ final decision.

What is the purpose of an interview?

The purpose of an interview is to bring out your inner traits and qualities. It provides the employer to know about you and your knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.

9 Rules to be Successful in Every Interview

  1. Appearance: The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud says, “Try to look as you want to be.” A good appearance gives you confidence before it pleasing others. So your dress code should be simple and dignified.
  2.  Speech and Mannerisms: you are judged by your speech. The usage of words and sentences should be precise and audible so that the other person is able to follow you properly. Everybody knows what to speak. But a few people know how to speak. So remember that how you answer to Interviewer’s questions decide your good mannerisms. As MotherTerissa said, “A Word can cure or Hurt. So choose your words.” Whatever the place is.
  3. Mental alertness: Alertness refers to your ability to understand the questions in the minimum possible time. The interview board tests the mental alertness of yours through various ways by asking confusing questions. So, be alert.
  4. The consistency of thoughts and ideas: Be firm in your thinking right from the beginning and remember the precise answer you had given. This shows how strong you are mentally.
  5. Leadership qualities: A leader should lead. He should not mislead. You are the leader and your company is like a big ship. If you are recruited you should lead your team. If you mislead your team, your company [Ship] will drown in the loss. That’s why during the interview your leadership qualities also tested through entrusting multitasking works.
  6. Self Confidence: Never underestimate yourself and compare to others. Everybody has his own speciality. Do you know? A bird can fly in the air but cannot swim in the water. In the same way, a fish can swim in the water but cannot fly in the air. It means bird is expert in flying; fish is expert in swimming. Like that you are also unique. So be confident always.
  7. Planning: It is necessary for every work. For Eg : Can you imagine? Without pre-planning can an Engineer build a beautiful house? Can your mother prepare your lunch box for you early morning? So remember that planning reduces tension and completes half work. It’s your duty to plan what requirements you need to attend the Interview.
  8. Preparation: After planning, you have to prepare well. Then only you can show your workmanship during an interview. For Eg: If your mother planed well to prepare a food item but failed to prepare well today. Can you like that food item? No. Like that, if you don’t prepare well for the interview, you will surely fail to explore your knowledge at the time of interview. 
  9. Presentation: As a great man said, a good presentation is like a multi-cuisine feast. So, present yourself well during an interview.

Finally, I want to conclude that no interview is successful without proper planning. Each and Every interview is different from one another. You cannot prepare well for an interview in overnight. It’s a continuous learning process. Then only you can succeed in an interview.
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